2014 is approaching and I am excited for what is shaping up to be an amazing schedule. I have two retreats already scheduled, one in January to Puerta Rico, and one to Umbria, Italia. I have 2 teacher trainings, one 100hr therapeutics starting in January, and a 200hr starting in March. Yoga Journal conference, wanderlust, performances in Las Vegas, and the list goes on! Check out the Workshops/Retreats/trainings link above for the most up to date offerings of the first half of 2014!

I am excited to take the adventure through the year as and see what life brings me. 2013 has been a tremendously special year for me both in my personal life and career. I learned so much and am so grateful for all the amazing experiences I have had and the people I have shared them with.

My plan

It is time to Create more online videos- tutorials, how to’s and so on. I know there is a high demand for students that dont live in new york that are hungry to learn, and I plan to provide some content for them/you.

I am also collaborating a lot more with other teachers, coaches, doctorcs, PT’s, Massage Therapists that I respect and think could help build a community of healthy loving yogis, athletes and human beings.

I want to break out of the walls of asana practice and continue to bring more elements of healing and athleticism into my teachings. In my life I go far beyond the typical Yoga poses when I learn about my body, and it has helped me tremendously, and I intend to share that on a bigger scale this year. I have already started in my classes around manhattan, and So far have received very positive feed back. The comment that moved me the most “I am 75 and I have never been able to balance well on one foot, today on one foot i felt so strong that i could just stand there for ever, thank you”.

I have many ideas in my head and while i know it will continue to evolve and I may not get to half of them in one year, I will do my best to share them all with you wherever we cross paths!

Much love and I hope the rest of 2013 is amazing for you!

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What are your thoughts, I would love to hear from you