For a while I had trouble with the phrase “never forget”, simply because I wasn’t sure what we were referring to. It sounded to me like a reason to continue anger and fuel the desire for retaliation or more violence, attacking nations of people for the decisions of few. Finally it came to me- in contemplating my frustration I realized YES, there was more to the phrase then I had previously realized. I started to remember the power of 9/11. It was a tremendous tragedy that people are still trying to heal from. Since then our city, and economy have not quite gotten back to where we were prior to the attack. This is one side, but what actually amazed me the most was not that someone could get away with such horror, but rather the tremendous unity that came up from the ruins of our city. I remember the american flags, the music about loving each other on the radio- that is until the government band all songs of that nature…that’s a whole other topic. I remember everyone’s contribution to the society as a whole. People were willing to help each other no matter what the cost. Money came from every corner of the world to aid those in need. I remember how firefighters and police officers would not rest in order to save lives, even if it meant the cost of their own. It was a time of tragedy but also a time of true UNITY. One nation under God…Indivisible!We felt for each other, we fought for each other, we truly loved each other.

What I think is most important to never forget on 9/11 is the way that this city came together and worked as a team, a unit, helping in every way possible. the way that we as a culture loved one another, and could step outside of our daily routines and see the importance in caring for each other. We celebrated each others existence because we knew in those moments just how precious life was. 

Have we learned that this is the most valuable part of life. or have we already forgotten? Let us never forget, not just on 9/11 but everyday. Can we care for each other, support one another, hold each other up every single day?!

To all those that have lost someone close to them, let the lives of your loved ones not be remembered by the job they had or how they died. But let them LIVE on through our kindness, care, and love that we can share with the world in their honor.

(Pardon the grammar please)

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