Much of my recent Yoga practice has been focused on developing a more personal relationship of the two sides of my body. I have been less “even” with my yoga practice in order to find a greater sense of balance in my body, and to really enjoy and appreciate my whole body in a deeper way. My fascination with One Arm poses has revealed wild imbalances not just from right to left but in muscle groups. I have been spending much of my time on a pull up bar to help balance what seems to be so challenging to get in the yoga practice. There is just a different relationship to gravity when you hang that brings out a whole different understanding in my body. Not long ago I couldnt do a sing pull up. Then I spent a day climbing on scaffolding and it lit up a curiosity. So I am excited to now be exploring all of this one arm Acrobatic poses that are helping me train my one arm handstand. it feels like I am learning my body at a rapid pace, which I havent felt since the early days of practicing yoga. I am inspired!

Bringing balance into the body is not an easy task. The very idea of it implies that something is out of balance, and therefor will require change. Change as we know is challenging mentally more than anything else, but in any case it means setting up new patters of movement and repeating them until they happen like a reflex-without thought. Importantly enough though is the fact that I recognize that just because something isnt strong, or flexible doesnt make it bad, just out of balance. I know it can be daunting to see imbalances in our body, or life and so we would rather not look. but the faster you see it, the faster you can work with it. That in itself is a wonderful pattern to build: look for room to grow, and take action in the direction of growth. While it sounds simple this is more challenging in practice.

I look forward to sharing newer videos soon as I am getting stronger faster, but for now I wanted to share my progress so far. The photo above is my left side that I have primarily been training, and the photo below is the right side that I have not practiced much because the muscles that are required for my body to form this shape on the right are already developed and at ease, so my work is on the left for now. If you are a teacher- working on the side that doesn’t make as much sense will help you develop the tools in order to break down the poses for your students, as it will require your attention, focus and study. (Which happens to be one of the upsides to injury-you really learn if you decide to)


Below are some super quick recent videos of my practice recently:

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