Very excited! Both of my Yoga DVD’s with Gaiam are now available for pre-order on Amazon! There are great video trailers on there but briefly the two are Yoga for Runners which has 3 segments: pre run, post run, and day off yoga. Each segment is very specific in the approach.
The other is Hot Yoga, which can be done with or without a heated room of course. This takes you through 3 sections of a typical hot yoga class (warm up/sun salutations, Standing poses/strength building, peak pose/cool down)
I am really excited for the release of these DVD’s. I spent so much time putting together the sequences and I really feel proud of them.
Please support and grab a copy. Hot Yoga DVD is great for everyone including beginners. Yoga for Runners can be used as a warm up for any sport that involves running or high impact on the legs.

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