Just got to be a part of an awesome train ride that could have been straight out of a cheesy holiday movie- the kind that you shed a tear out of happiness. As I’m walking past the first few train Cars I spot a girl with red dred-locks quietly strumming her guitar. I see the train car has a decent amount of people in it but everyone is clear of her area. I decide to walk in and sit down next to her and break the ice for everyone around. You could see it and feel in – everyone sort of annoyed that someone is playing guitar, some putting headphones in or turning up their music, others just facing away. you can feel people’s edgy nervousness with thoughts that probably sound something like “this is probably going to suck, but not enough for me to walk to a different train car”. Even my thoughts are doubtful, but the vibration of the guitar is pleasantly running through the subway bench soothing my back, so I stay figuring the worse case scenario is her voice is unpleasant and I have 2 min to tolerate it. I observe that thought and realize wow that is silly and decide to tune into the music. Once I am out of me head, stop observing my surroundings and start listening to her play I immediately can tell something special is about to happen, and I picked the best seat in the house. Doors close she introduces herself and starts singing with a time that would make Alicia keys jealous…the song is good too. I realize I don’t have a dollar as I am listening and feel a little bummed, but I decide a 5 is worth it for these 2 minutes that I wish would now turn into at least 30. I take a 5 out and notice the guy in front of me is digging for all his singles. The train ride ends and we hand her money, and I notice everyone is giving her $5 bills. 2 minutes of courage and faith in herself made her what looked like $50. We all smiled and thanked her- all of our days brightened and her very humbly smiling and thanking back. An hour later and I am still moved by the S train experience.
Share your passion- be courageous 

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