The Overview

I am excited to announce that Fridays at 12:15 I am now teaching at Equinox on 54th and 2nd. Class is a Power Vinyasa style. If you would like to come check it out, but are not a member, let me know and I will guest you in (

The AcroYoga workshop series with Mary Aranas and me at reflections is going well, come drop in! We will probably add another series after this one is over as a continuation so stay tuned!

As for Pure Yoga, My schedule has changed quite a bit, I have two new evening classes on the west side, and one new morning class on the east side. Check the Calendar for details.

Chakra Slow Flow

One of my new Classes at Pure West is a style that was developed by Dana Slamp, Mary Aranas, and I, called Chakra Slow Flow. Its a Hatha Yoga style that uses the Chakra (energy centers) System to help achieve a greater sense of our bodies and our mind. The elements associated with each of the Chakra guide the sequencing. for example our first Chakra, known as the Root Chakra corresponds with Earth. So the class start with grounding poses so we can feel our connection to the earth. The style is continuing to develop with each class.

As per Mary Arana’s request, I dove head first into the book “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith. I highly recommend it, and I will certainly post more about it for discussion!

In other news I just made a sweet Raw Lasagna! here is a photo of it:

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