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This Audio Recording Package of the 5 Day Immersion “Full Body Breakthrough” will help you to

  1. Practice at home with the energy of a classroom
  2. Advance your yoga practice
  3. Keep your body safe and feeling good
  4. Understand Anatomy

Whats included?

  1. 7 in depth workshops aimed to give you a detailed understanding of your muscles and bones and how they relate to your yoga practice.
  2. A practical correlation to the elements of life and how they relate to our body and the asana practice

Day 1: Earth

  1. Safety, and Stability
  2. Developing a trusting relationship between mind and body
  3. Standing postures, leg strength and stability

Day 2: Water

  1. Flowing with change
  2. Stability to mobility
  3. hip opening

Day3: Fire

  1. Developing our will power to create the life we want to live.
  2. Core strength and power
  3. Arm balances

Day 4: Air

  1. What does it mean to live from the heart?
  2. Pain free back bends, and shoulder openers
  3. Freedom of the spine

Day 5: Space

  1. Tapping into the unknown
  2. The right to speak the truth and be heard
  3. Neck stability and strength to relieve computer and smartphone pain

Additional information

2016 Immersion "The Elements"

2016 Yoga Immersion "The Elements" $108, + Private Tune Up $165, Plus 3 Private Sessions $219

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