$789.00 $695.00

The Mentorship Mastery Program helps you develop the tools necessary to hone your practice and skills as a teacher (or practitioner), and break through anything that stands in your way of your potential. Through one on one guidance and support we will pull out your strengths, and develop your skills.

  1. Teachers Mastery 
    1. Develop a powerful Voice and Verbal Cues
    2. Empower your students with Technique and Anatomy
    3. Sequence with precision
    4. Weave themes and philosophy 
    5. Gain Confidence to lead effectively
  2. Master Your Body, Master Your Practice:
    1. Discover your true physical potential.
    2. Break through anything holding you back from experiencing Joy and Freedom.
    3. Gain the anatomical knowledge that empowers you to approach any yoga posture with confidence.
  3. Develop Your Business and Your Brand:
    1. Develop a strong social media following
    2. Uncover and clarify your vision
    3. Structure and build a powerful business that thrives

Note: This is a 3 Month Program that Can be spaced out as desired within a 12 month period of time.  You will be billed $695 per month for the duration of 3 months. Stretched out payment plans are available upon request to

Email to schedule a free call to answer all your questions and see if this program is right for you!



Let me answer your questions and see if this program is right for you! email me and we can set up a time to jump on a Skype session or phone call together!

Additional information

Mentorship Mastery Program

"I am Excited" 1 Month Mentorship $795/Month, "I am Ready" 3 Month Mentorship $679/Month, "I am Dedicated" 6 Month Mentorship $619/Month, "I am Masterful" 12 Month Mentorship $595/Month

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