Mentorship Mastery Program

$789.00 $695.00 / month

What does it mean to be a master, and where does one start? The Mentorship Mastery Program helps you develop the tools necessary to hone and own your craft. Within this program you have 3 options to choose from but ultimately you will have the opportunity to share with me your goals and I will create the most effective program for you to gain mastery over your craft. The three options to choose from are:

  1. Master Your Body, Master Your Practice: Where ever you are, be it brand new to yoga, or established teacher, I will help you jump on the path to mastery in your yoga practice. Together we will establish what the exact steps required are in order to gain mastery within your body, and your yoga practice. I will personally guide you on a weekly basis to a deeper understanding of your body.
  2. Masterful Delivery for Teachers and Speakers: This Selection is great for teachers or speakers wanting to become more powerful and effective. You will develop a sensitivity and mastery with your tone of voice, wording, cadence,  and rhythm to captivate your students and/or audience. I have studied some of the most powerful and inspiring speakers and have come up with a simple and easy method for understanding vocal delivery as it pertains to the elements of this earth and am excited to share it with you. You will quickly learn how to shift your tone of voice to inspire, motivate, relax, transform, and move your students emotionally. As a teacher or speaker your voice is the most powerful  tool you have when you hone it.
  3. Develop Your Business and Your Brand: Are you finally ready to make a living based on your passion rather than holding down the job that doesn’t interest you? Choosing this option is great for anyone looking for ways to create a brand both online and in person. You will learn how to develop a social media following, build your mailing list, and attract people that are seeking what you have to offer. I will share with you the skills I have learned from observing and interviewing some of the best entrepreneurs in the Health, Fitness, Wellness, Mind Body, and Yoga world. I will help you kickstart your career with what I consider to be the most important aspects of Business in todays modern world.

Note: This is a 3 Month Program that Can be spaced out as desired within a 12 month period of time.  You will be billed $695 each month for the duration of 3 months. Do Not let Money stand in your way, Delayed billing and smaller increments are available upon request to – Email Me for a free Skype session to see if this is right for you!



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Mentorship Mastery Program

"I am Excited" 1 Month Mentorship $795/Month, "I am Ready" 3 Month Mentorship $679/Month, "I am Dedicated" 6 Month Mentorship $619/Month, "I am Masterful" 12 Month Mentorship $595/Month


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