I have traveled all over the country and parts of the world this summer and I have discovered many things about myself as well as had the opportunity to observe how people respond to my teaching depending on the environment they live in. Returning back to NYC has been a shock for me. I am keenly aware of how much I have been working against the grain for so long here. On the up side I have learned so much from this challenging environment that we New Yorkers live in. The intensity of the concrete jungle mixed with all of our incredible ambitions hidden from the sunlight, in a city that forgets the importance of sleep, it seems like we may also have forgotten WHY we are all here to begin with. Most of us New Yorkers are dreamers, achievers, goal oriented, and believers when we arrive here but slowly get sucked into the vortex of result oriented success, rather then enjoying the process of the ever evolving, and unfolding of the expansion of life and its endless possibilities. In other words, we have become numb to the beauty of life because of our narrow vision and lack of awareness of the process that life has to offer. To give a more tangible example, for those of you that live in the city, how often do you walk down the street and feel empowered, uplifted or inspired by the joyous smiles and acts of kindness that surround you? When I asked this in the classes here in NYC everyone burst out laughing every time…me included, because that is a rare opportunity here.

If perhaps we can broaden our goals and mindset to see the big picture- joy, creativity, expression, growth, challenges, laughter, love, connection, etc- as well as, or in addition to our career path, or whatever we put most of our energy into, then maybe the city can be a little more welcoming, and kind. I know I don’t have much more time here in this city because it does not feel like HOME for me, but I do not intend to run away before putting my best foot forward to cultivating a bigger community of people that want to experience the big picture together.

For me, In the meantime I hope to continue to take groups of New Yorkers to beautiful lands of Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and wherever else I have the privilege of hosting retreats. Through the retreats we are cultivating strong bonds because we get away from our routine, get to let go of who we think we should be and really get in touch with ourselves, and each other. It has brought me such joy to see students that didnt know each other prior to retreat, no laughing and chatting in the hallways of the yoga studios I work in. I am so grateful that life has brought me in this direction- traveling to beautiful beaches and mountains, and getting to share Yoga in a setting that holds tremendous power for transformation and Joy!

Thank you all that have shared this summer with me so far be it in workshops, retreats, wanderlust festivals, or performances. I am so grateful to be on this path in both the narrow vision and the big picture of it all.

Below are some videos I wanted to share with you. one is instructional for arm balances, and the other is a collaborative AcroYoga/Intel video. So much love!

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