Alone time can be so powerful. For me It is a time  to reflect on my experiences without need to act or react, just simply listen to my mind, body and tune into the source of spirit within. When I take the time to be with myself I am more able to share the best parts of me with the world, because there is a sense of clarity that comes from the burning of monkey mind, and shift in attention to higher Self. It is as if you realized that for a while you were only looking at one dot in a painting, and suddenly you step back and see the bigger picture, the dot both makes sense and seems far less important than before. Have you had this experience in life- a sudden shift in perspective changes everything, and nothing all at once?  In contrast to alone time it is equally powerful to spend time in community. If you are willing to see it, everyone around you becomes a mirror. In each other’s eyes We can see both our untapped potential, and our vast radiance of beauty that shines from within. Everyone around us can become a reflection of both our persona and our Higher Self. Fear of judgement tends to keep us from looking in the mirror of truth, but with courage from ourselves, and compassion from those around us, magic can happen.

The past month I had the chance to lead the 19th AcroYoga Teacher Training. Every time I dive in with co-teachers, and students- who I consider to be my friends and family- I grow so much for the best. It is so humbling and inspiring to be a part of a community of powerful people, all looking to learn from each other. My biggest take away is that I can still empower and support others in their transformation while eve as  I am in the process of deep learning myself. When I started teaching yoga it seemed like those that were teachers had it all figured out. As the years have gone along I have recognized that life is a constant evolution and I will never have “it” all figured out. To be vulnerable enough to not Know, AND to be clear enough to see the beauty and wisdom that I have to offer to others…that is the balance.

AcroYoga Immersion

Happy to announce that my next AcroYoga offering is coming up this November in Washington DC. I will be teaching a 5 day AcroYoga Immersion (solar) with my first Mentor, and amazing friend Chris Loebsack!   Early bird registration ends Oct. 14! Register now to get your discount 🙂