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You are likely here because you have been considering taking your 200-hour training but you aren’t sure if its right for you, what you will learn, who you should take it with, or where you should go to take it. It is a big decision and a commitment that is worth taking the time to research, so thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to learn a little more about it. In the video below I go over the top 3 questions that I get whenever students are interested in taking a 200-hour training with me. In addition, I talk about my #1 tip to consider when searching for the right one for you.

Underneath the questions are some primary concerns that I would like to discuss here before you watch the video. This decision is likely challenging for you because it is a large investment of either your time or money or both. These are two energies in life that are precious. For some of you money isn’t an issue, and others you may have all the time in the world, meanwhile, some of you have no money and no time, so why spend both on a 200-hour training? This is what your mind has been saying has it not? On the other hand, something inside you is being pulled toward a training and you can’t help but look around for answers.


I personally remember my experience, I was a full time touring musician in a moderately successful band on the rise. It had been 7 going on 8 years of committing to this dream of ours, and we were so close to our big break. I had informally begun teaching in my mother’s basement to my friends and their friends while we were in the studio recording our next album. During the recording was the longest stretch of being home that we had had in years of being in the band together. I rapidly fell in love with teaching and my classes went from one a week with 5 friends to 4 a week with 30 eager yogis. I was being asked to sub at local gyms and studios, as well as lead events for Lululemon. There was a part of me that felt like I was lying, I had never done a teacher training before and I wasn’t certified to teach. I worried about people finding out, and I wanted to do a teacher training. The only challenge was, after being in a band for so long, I never really had any money, and at the same time, we were about to complete our album and head out on the road for a year of nonstop touring. I never did make the decision for myself, and as a result, I was constantly feeling torn between my commitment I made to myself and my bandmates several years prior and my current passion of sharing the practice of yoga. Emotionally I was now feeling stressed, and isolated, I was no longer “living the dream”, I was living yesterdays dream which was today’s nightmare of feeling trapped. Eventually, life chose for me. My singer had been asked to go on American Idol which was both an opportunity for him and potential mass exposure for us. We all agreed to cancel several months of touring for him to focus on American Idol. I was quietly jumping out of my skin for the chance to have enough time to do a training. I now had the time but still…no money. Out of happenstance and desperation on the part of the studio, I had the opportunity to sub for one of my teachers at Pure Yoga in Manhattan. Afterward, the studio received several requests to have me teach full time. They instantly hired me, however, when they asked where I took my training, I couldn’t lie. I told them I wasn’t certified to teach. They told me I would be hired as soon as I finished my training. My teachers and friends knew of my financial situation, so they pulled together and did fundraiser events for me, while I reached out to my friends and family for support. Thankfully I was able to jump into my first official teacher training, and from there I started my career in manhattan. Choosing a training was easy for me, my teachers were all co-leading a training at pure yoga for the first time and they had worked hard to get me into the training. Which leads us to my number one tip for choosing a training, watch the video to find out!

The reason I share this story is for two purposes. First, take your time making the choice but don’t wait so long that life has to do it for you. If you do this you will feel months or years of being emotionally torn, and no matter how much you justify your indecision, you will ultimately feel it. Second, you will find a way to make it work. Once you make the decision you will find a way to work out the time or the money. Be solution-oriented instead of identified with the problem. Yes, there is a problem, no time and/or no money, but instead of letting it define your actions, let it spark your creativity to find a way. Talk about it with friends, family members and teachers, take suggestions and figure out how to integrate them. You will find a way!

“I am not advanced in my yoga practice, is this right for me?”


Out of the challenges of time or money many questions will arise as to whether or no the 200-hour training is right for you. Before we get to them, consider what your life is like with the practice of yoga in it? What would it be like with out it? After a 200 hour training, you will have a similar feeling about the experience, when thinking about your life before the training and after, you will more than likely feel so grateful that you took the dive into your practice and found a way to make it happen. Let’s go over the top 3 questions.


1. I am not an advanced practitioner, will I be able to keep up?

when I say absolutely. In my 200 hour trainings you learn how to teach the practices/skills/postures that you are most proficient at. Wrather than trying to teach something that you have not yet developed in your practice, you will learn how to share your strengths with your students. At the same time, you will be taking steps to advance your personal practice appropriately. This means you will begin your advancement based on where your practice is when you step into the training, you will not be expected to live up to anyone else’s potential but your own. You will not be held to anyone else’s standard for practice but yours. So long as you have a curiosity and desire to deepen your practice than you are right on track with where you need to be for this training. If attending a training elsewhere be sure to direct this question to the lead teacher. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the lead teachers’ style either in person or online before diving into training with them.

2: I want to deepen my practice but don't want to teach is that ok?

I would guess that only about 10% of people that take 200 hour trainings go on to actually teach yoga full time, and maybe about 50% share the practice in some way as a way of offering to their community, friends or family. The majority of people take 200 hour trainings in order to deepen their study of themselves as it is the best way to fully immerse yourself into the yoga practice without having to leave society and find your yoga master in a cave in the middle of no where. This doesn’t mean you wont teach or that you wont be prepared to teach, however it’s best to let this question be answered by the end of your training instead of worrying about it up front. Do the 200 hour training if you want to go deeper into yourself and your yoga practice. Do it to become more aware of your physical body, emotions, and your mind. Do the training to learn the skills of sharing your passion with others to support them in feeling good in their body and mind, but release yourself from any pressure that says you have to do or be anything or anyone that you don’t want to.


3. will i be qualified and certified to teach yoga classes from this traning?

Most 200-hour yoga trainings out there are recognized by Yoga Alliance, which means you will be registered with YA. What does this mean? In reality, it means nothing in terms of the quality of the trainings it simply means that the lead teacher or studio pays yoga alliance. For you, however, it may be important as you are establishing yourself to be with Yoga Alliance. Some gyms and studios require it. All of my trainings are recognized, and therefore you will be able to register with them as well. If you are to spend the money on a certification you might as well have it be a Yoga Alliance recognized training so you can take your certification anywhere. Qualified is different than certified. Qualified means you are ready to teach and share the practice of yoga with others. This is my highest aim – I want every trainee to feel confident in their ability to share this practice by the end of the training. Regardless if you decide to teach or not you will feel comfortable by the end of this training to pass along the beauty of this practice with others around you!


When searching for a 200 Hour training, I highly recommend getting to know the teacher first. Reading their blogs, practicing with them online or in person if possible is incredibly helpful to know if you align with them or not. Find someone who inspires you and gets you excited to step into your potential! Try not to be distracted by exotic locations, or levels of fame, or quality of photos, etc. All of these aspects can be bonuses of course, however it is more important that you resonate with the teacher and what they have to offer. Your time is the most valuable thing you have, spend it with the people that help you rise up to who you want to be. 

If you are looking to practice with me online, there is a free practice available to newsletter subscribers – scroll to the bottom of this page to receive it. That practice was recorded on my phone, so if you want a more professional practice with great sound and various camera angles, or if you want another powerful practice, I recommend trying out Dance with the Flames  which uses the theme of stepping into the fire of transformation in order live the life you deserve. I sincerely hope you make use of the transformation equation and it serves you for the many years to come!.Please share your comments, questions and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Chris Norman

    Hi Matt.

    Chris.here ?

    I am an experienced (25 years) teacher with a ton of teacher training qualifications and am also a very experienced piano teacher.

    I am becoming.

    That sentence was going to be about how I am becoming much clearer about what the understanding I have always had inside me actually looks like (No longer ‘seeing through the glass darkly.’) but I liked the sound of the first three words on their own.

    So I am looking to create my own teaching programme but because I have had to get a proper job to keep us (familyof 6)off the streets, I feel I am starting from scratch in one sense.
    I need (or feel I need!)a springboard,.

    Do you need any assistants? If so I could send you a brief outline of my principles of teaching so you could asses compatability.

    I honestly hope you don’t think me impertinent by sending this but, you know, nothing ventured…..!..

    Thank you so much for your clear videos

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