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alignyo is a great newsletter and website that tells you what yoga classes are going on in your city. They suggest one a day for the next week, and give a quick little review as to what to expect. each week they feature one yoga instructor. on January 12th I had the honer of being featured:

New York City based yoga teacher Matt Giordano

I strive to provide a class that is accessible and empowering for every mind and body in the room. A focus on precise alignment provides the most amount of ease in the body and freedom in the mind – even in the most challenging poses. Each class has a practical and down-to-earth theme that directly correlates to the sequence. You can expect to strengthen, stretch and transform your body and mind. You will smile with joy from your heart and hone the skills of the mind as you sweat. Each class ends with savasana accompanied by a chant and live acoustic guitar.

Nothing fulfills me more than witnessing people courageously expand their body, mind and soul. My hope is that students leave class with a piece of knowledge – be it physical, mental or spiritual. Knowledge sparks curiosity, and curiosity leads to action. By taking conscious action in our lives we empower ourselves to live each moment fully. My wish is for all of my students to know that at the heart of life is beauty and goodness. While life might hand us hard times or difficult situations, it is ultimately a privilege and an opportunity to be here in this body at this time. Whether a person walks in ready to celebrate life or is seeking such inspiration, I hope that they leave feeling peaceful in their heart and empowered in their spirit.

I’ve had many amazing teachers in my life that I’m incredibly grateful for. They have given me the tools that keep me open to what life has to offer. Dan Millman, author of Way of The Peaceful Warrior has helped open my eyes, awaken my spirit, and guide me onto a path of service that fulfills me and supports my day-to day living. I’m thankful for Jill Miller, of Yoga Tune Up® for demanding more of me as a teacher, and always keeping my knowledge of anatomy accurate and precise. Jenny and Jason, of AcroYoga® continually remind me that no matter how much inner work we do, life is about the quality of our interactions, and our ability to both give and receive. John Friend serves as an amazing example that yoga is not simply a class we walk into and walk out of, but a way of life. He constantly inspires me to be more loving, kind, and always compassionate.

I have had the honor of learning from so many students along the way, and in this way I am always the student.

What are your thoughts, I would love to hear from you