300hr Teacher Training


300hr Teacher Training Required Modules

Core Modules:

  1. Mentorship Mastery Program: minimum of 3-6 Months of Mentorship with Matt Giordano. This can be done at any time through out your 300hrs.
  2. Immersion: 1 Immersion is Required to gain your 300hr certificate. Most immersions are held in the form of a Retreat. 2 immersions are recommended for those looking to advance their practice, and for those that want to get the training done in less time.
  3. Teacher Training: 1 TeacherTraining is Required. There are multiple options for 5 day teacher trainings but each one will include many of the requirements needed to become certified. It is recommended that you do 2 Teacher Trainings so that you have an opportunity to advance upon what you gained from the first. Every training will include refinement of practice teaching which is very important in the final certification process.
  4. Workshops/Intensives: A Minimum of 30hrs (or more) is required of taking workshops with Matt Giordano. These can be done at your convenience.

Additional Requirements: 

  1. Assisting/Observing: A minimum of 10hrs of each is required. Observing can take place after 150hours has been completed. Assisting will be the last portion of your training, you will be required to have taken your Teacher Training, Immersion, and Mentorship prior to this opportunity. 12 Month Mentorship Students are exempt from 0bservation hours
  2. Audio/Video Workshops: Yoga Alliance Allows up to 30 non-contact hours, which can include practicing along with any of Matt Giordano’s videos, or audio workshops. 12 Month Mentorship Students are Exempt
  3. Hours Sheet: Each Student is responsible for keeping track of which trainings and workshops they have taken, preferably in a google doc that is shared with theyogimatt@gmail.com
  4. Video Submission: At the End of your 300hrs you will be required to submit a video recording of your class. 12 Month Mentorship Students are exempt.

Note: These Requirements are subject to change in accordance to YA standards.