I recently started Drawing on the subway, to stimulate the ole’ 5th Chakra regarding self expression. Art was a big part of my life about 10 years ago, and has come and gone here and there ever since. I find that when I am doing art it becomes much like my Asana and meditation practice. I have a focus and intention, as well as a subject. the way i see it, Subject is to art, as pose is to Asana practice, and Mantra is to mediation practice. I do my best to pick my subject and sketch them out before the train ride is over. so most of them wind up undone or a little funky. I tend to be a perfectionist and take my time with everything so this is a great exercise for me to let go and surrender to the process while under time constraint.

check out photos on www.facebook.com/matthewgiordano under the album subway sketches.  🙂 enjoy!