While on the subway ride to class I witnessed a comical transaction between two people. It was one of the older subway car designs, which I like better because two seats face the isle and two seats face those seats. To me it feels more kind and allows for more of a community feel. However, it became incredibly apparent why the subway design is now a straight bench on one side and the same on the other after witnessing the event. The lady turns to the man and makes a hand signal to move his knee- he doesn’t catch on. She does it again, and then finally says your knee is pushing into my ass, move it. He moves it angrily and murmurs under his breath for a while. They both happen to get up at the same stop to leave. While waiting for the train doors to open he finally murmurs a little louder something in German I think, followed by a frustrated “your ass was sitting on my knee, keep your ass on the seat!” They bickered and got off the train, and the rest of us laughed at the hilarity of the situation.

Two people had two very different perspectives, who was right? The rest of us found it quite funny, why couldn’t they see the humor? How we look at life is nothing more than a matter of perspective. Are we able to see life from more than one viewpoint, and appreciate other angles and ways of looking at the same thing?  More importantly when someone has a different opinion is it possible to know that they too are correct, and are we able to create a space for that to exist along side our own. One step further- can we learn from each others journeys and our own unique individual expressions of what our eyes, and ears have picked up along the way?

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