This past week at AcroYoga Teacher training has been incredibly powerful. It’s truly amazing to come together and live in a community of people that are open to self inquiry and personal growth. It’s even more exciting when they are all such loving people that want to also dive into their bodies and play!  The students are growing in huge ways and it is obvious in their practice teaching demos each day. Our teaching team as well, we are growing so much from the process of sharing this material. When you are with a team of 6 folks that are commited to bringing out the best within them, and absolutely open and wanting feedback as to how to do so it becomes a pressure cooker. We burn away all the nonsense that gets in the way of totally living from our heart. I love this process even though it stings at times. I love being in a community that is courageously vulnerable. 

Really excited for this November’s AcroYoga Solar immersion in D.C where we get 5 days together! Pre register by 10/14 and save $100!