Since I was a little boy I lived my life like a quest to fulfill my need to express the deep passion inside me. for most of my life I have been met with this statement by so many along the way; “I wish I could…” or “I wish I was…”. The statements are always a saddened declaration that they will never be as good at whatever it is they wish they could do or be. For most of my life I was frustrated, I didn’t understand why people didn’t simply go after what they wanted. I began understanding it as I came to adulthood and realized the path of passion is not the easiest path to stability, financial wealth, or independence. I began to notice that many people stop following passion because they value stability more. Others are simply fearful of failure so they never try. Others don’t know how to even start. Here is what I can say, if you truly want something deep inside, do put it on a shelf for too long because it will eat away at your soul and before you know it you will wake up one day realizing your life has passed you by and you feel unfulfilled. So the real question to be asked next is, what are you doing now that is leading you to what you ultimately want later?

Along the same lines people often talk about their aches and pains, and have no idea what to do about them. The only outlet for pain of the body is either to complain about, or take a pill to numb it. Due to a multitude of reasons Many people complain of neck and shoulder pain. The reality is many people are having to live with constant aches and pains, simply because we don’t know where or how to start doing something about it now to lead to relief later. So yes the bigger conversation here is about looking at the aspects of our life where we are not satisfied be it our body, relationships, family, work, etc. and take steps toward the freedom we are all craving. Taking the steps can sound daunting but once you take your first one, we all know after that we starting jogging up.

Back to the Shoulders: We can get into all the reasons why such as computers, cell phone and so on but the list could go on all day. The key to unlocking anything in the body is developing strength through range of motion. If you think about it most of us are stuck in one position all day long and everything in us conforms to that shape. Then suddenly you react to some change in events, get up and then the tweet hits you. It’s no surprise from the outside looking in why that would happen. Some of our muscles fall asleep, some are hanging on for their life to try and pull you out of your posture and it’s like your body freezes. Then you break through the mold you put yourself in. That break is sudden and it shocks all the systems in your body. So what can you do? Where can you start? I have included one of my favorite MP3’s of the year from my shoulders workshop at the Frankfurt Yoga Conference. Best part is that it’s completely FREE to you! These MP3’s are a part of a collection of all the workshops that I have taught around the world in 2016. I plan to release the entire collection for sale next week for anyone that finds it useful to get in your practice anywhere you are. There are Arm Balance Workshops, Hips, Shoulders, Twists, Back Bends and so on. If practicing a for free is not an option today or this week, here is my number one tip to keep your neck and shoulders feeling awesome!

Tip: Before sitting down and assuming your standard posture, go through some range of motion for the shoulders and neck until you feel heat build up. Specifically, do the back stroke with each arm. Start slow but speed up to build heat. Focus on fullest range of motion, without the weird neck and jaw tension that will tend to come up when doing something like this. When the body is warm it is more malleable, and less likely to stiffen or tense up. To many of you this will sound ridiculous and “probably” not going to work. The question is, is it worth the 3 minutes to give it a try? After sitting for 30-45 minutes repeat the 3 minute exercise (set a timer on your phone if you need). Try this throughout your day and email me back how you are feeling after one day of doing this, I am excited to hear your results!

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