Something I have noticed in my life is the more I challenge myself, the easier it is to face the challenges that life provides. Regardless of where they come from, challenges help us grow stronger. None the less we have to make the choice to step into them. 

Many of us see a hurdle and try to run through it, and eventually wind up tripping and falling. Some of us see the hurdle and avoid ever moving toward it, we let it sit there… lingering until more of them pile up around us. Still the choice is ours- learn how to leap over them, or feel the weight of them on our shoulders everyday. With practice the leaps become more and more graceful…then the hurdles get higher, and we get strong and we jump higher. 

Whether you are putting the hurdles in place or life is doing it for you, they will continue to exist. So, make the choice that will bring joy and lightness, or don’t choose and feel the weight pile up. The challenges  keep coming, but if we focus on the one that is right in front of us and approach it skillfully, we can start joyfully jumping. What challenges are you avoiding? and what is your first step to feeling light and free? 

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