Long before Yoga came along for me I was struggling with mastering music. I had a huge vision, lots of inspiration, tons of passion, and all the time in the world to achieve my goals…and still fell short. No doubt I was still having fun, but there was a burning to get somewhere and a constant frustration that I wasn’t making any progress toward it. Somewhere along the path I picked up a book titled “Effortless Mastery”. The concepts in that book were too progressive for me at the time, but I did dabble in trying some of them on for sure. Little did I know that while it didn’t help my approach to music so much, it certainly impacted my yoga practice and teaching career that was about to begin.

Toward the last year of playing music professionally I started to apply what I call, The Steps to Mastery. In just one year, I improved my playing more then I did in the previous eight. So what are the steps to Mastery? Its quite simple, its literally the approach that while you have an entire stair case in front of you, you master stepping up the first one. By Master I don’t mean if you can step up the first step you are good to go for the next one. I mean master every which way you step up. When living in NYC I took this literally for myself and many private clients to help heal torn hamstrings, and low back issues- some of you reading this are probably laughing remembering our private Yoga session that consisted of standing in a stair well and stepping each foot up targeting specific muscles each time. The concept presented in Effortless Mastery is that whatever you master you do not forget. On the flip side, everything else is forgotten with time. Many of you have mastered a way of tying your shoes, and if you spent some time you could break it down into easy steps for someone else to learn how to tie their own shoes. And You would ask them to repeat the steps that are hardest to them until its a masterpiece. Similarly this is how I approach the asana practice. I do my best to break down the body, and the asana into small digestible pieces, master piece by piece so as not to forget how to step up the previous steps. This process requires patience because someone else might be at the top of the stair case while you are learning the difference between using your calf, and your buttocks on step one. The difference is when you are ready to climb the stair case you will know your body so well that whatever step comes your way you will be able to decide the best approach, and take the appropriate actions necessary to climb with grace. This is no secret, you probably have seen it in many movies, but too often we don’t actually apply it. One
great example is in Karate Kid, Mr. Miagee makes Daniel Son paint the fence, sand the floor, wax on and wax off in a very specific way repetitively until the action are second nature (Mastered). While Daniel throws a fit of frustration because he wants to learn Karate, Mr. Miagee shows him how those actions are now so well engrained in his body that when he throws a punch at him, Daniel doesn’t have to think he simply does the wax off motion and blocks the punches repetitively. Cute example, but tons of wisdom in that approach. The question you have to ask your self is are you ready to master your body, and your asana practice? Are you willing to find the patience to take one step at a time while everyone around you jogs up the stair case making you look like a constant beginner? Are you willing to do what it takes to really “Get It” in a big way?

Master Your Body, Master Your Practice:

1. 5 Day Full Body Breakthrough- 7 Audio Workshops recorded live at The 2016 Yoga Immersion Audio,  recorded this year in Nicaragua.

This 5 Day Full Body Breakthrough will help you to
1. Practice at home with the energy of a classroom
2. Advance your yoga practice
3. Keep your body safe and feeling good
4. Understand Anatomy

2. Mentorship Mastery Program : Master Your body with personal care and attention.

1. Master Your Goals
2. Master Your Body
3. Advance Your Practice
4. Establish A Safe Self Practice
5. Feel Great

Are You wanting to dive into the potential of your body but are unsure what the steps are to get there? The Mentorship Mastery Program is effective in helping you take the steps to master your goals. I will help you stay on track, reevaluate your practice, refine techniques, and evolve your body awareness.




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