image1-4I recently had the unique pleasure of being interviewed by YogaCrush who asked me about my journey of becoming an international yoga teacher, and what advice I have to offer teachers who are looking to build their brand and business. Here are the key points I would offer anyone trying to make a career from their passion.

  1. Of course you first have to Know Your Passion and what you want to offer. In the interview I mentioned that “A lot of people are experts and don’t realize it. They’re experts at something but they are so busy comparing themselves to everyone that they don’t realize they have something unique to offer.” Some people don’t know what their passion is and some have so many ideas that they can’t pick one to offer. Either way if you ware to be a teacher you have to pick something and stick to it for a long enough period of time to build momentum. Over time you will be able to add other interests into it but you must first choose one thing to focus on or you will struggle to focus your energy. To know your passion- start a simple practice of asking yourself every day: 1. What you do you love in your life? 2. What are your strengths? 3. What makes you unique? 4. What comes easy to you? 5. What challenges you? I recommend before you ask yourself these questions each day that you sit down and let your self close your eyes, preferably in Nature or a space in your home you consider special to you. Take 5-10 slow breaths through the nose and bring your attention to your body. Then sit and try and let your mind rest in the awareness of the energy that runs through you- it is ok to acknowledge that you are thinking, but try to watch the thoughts instead of getting involved in them. You will notice that you are thinking constantly, just keep bringing your awareness back to the breath and the sensations of your body, and try to acknowledge the depth of energy that exists inside. You can time this process starting with 5 minutes a day. After you sit, ask yourself the 5 questions.
  2. Declare Your Intention. Once You know What you want to offer it is important to than shift your questions to one simple yet often challenging question: Why? Most people don’t know why the act a certain way and as a result you run the risk of getting lost along the way. When you ask yourself the WHY on a regular basis, you give power and momentum to your actions. In addition many people are driven by a feeling of lack inside which is often hidden and doesn’t reveal itself until they reach their goals only to find out they are still feeling unfulfilled inside. Then they face the hard fact that they may have wasted the last 10 years of their life doing something that didn’t fulfill them or bring them happiness. The opposite can be true for the entrepreneur that knows why they are dedicating their life to the path they have chosen, every action will feel fulfilling, and no matter what the outcome they will be no disappointment simply because they feel fulfilled at every step of the way.
  3. Master Your Craft! Once You decide WHAT, and WHY its now time to dedicating your time to being the best you can be within your craft. Do not confuse this with being better than everyone else, that will only feel terrible and put you at odds with everyone who shares your interest. Instead be the best version of you by honing your studies in the areas that interest you the most, and the areas that challenge you as well. When you set your focus in this way there is room to stay connected to everyone in your same field and you will be able to come up with creative collaborations rather than reject and compete. The more you find ways to connect yourself to others verses separate yourself the more momentum you will build. Your own uniqueness will set you a part on its own. So focus on what makes you the best teacher YOU can be.
  4. Develop Your Brand. After You have honed your craft and have had plenty of time letting your teaching settle, you eventually will feel a comfort level in what you are offering. NOW it is time to package it to make it easy for new students to know what you are offering. This is usually the hardest part for Yogis- to take this massive practice with many facets to it, and then someone how distill it down to the very essence of what you are offering. I HIGHLY recommend you interview students and ask them why they come to your classes, and what is unique about what and how you offer the practice of yoga. Once you start to get a handle on this you can begin the process of writing blogs, creating social media posts, creating images, and a website that all scream this unique style that you have created. It is important to know that you don’t have to limit how you offer the practice but rather this is a way to help students feel they know what they are committing to when they sign up for your class, workshop, retreat or training.
  5. Think Inside and Outside the Box. Lastly watch your friends and teachers who are successful with what they are doing and copy them. I believe it was Igor Stravinsky who said “A good composer does not imitate; he steals.” Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel when you are setting up your business- great business models are all around you, just follow someone doing something well and literally do as they do. Once you have established an organized business be it online, or traveling workshop teacher, or yoga studio, you will inevitably be flooded with ideas and before you know it your business model become unique and absolutely effective for you.

For Those of you that want to listen to my story and how I came to teach yoga, as well as my tips for yoga teachers specifically you can listen to the Yoga Crush interview Here

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