How can you prepare to serve the world with the teachings of yoga?

When you feel the urge to do a teacher training, or any immersive experience, this is typically accompanied with a feeling inside. That feeling is like being magnetic, pulling you closer to the path that your heart longs to be on. Because this is so emotional it is hard to keep our mind aligned with the feeling…the mind becomes a chaotic mess. There is nothing wrong with this type of mess, this is similar to an artists pallet, starts off nice an neat and then when things start happening the pallet becomes a mess of different mixed colors. It’s not the pallet but the canvas that matters, the pallet is there to serve your your ability to create an experience upon the canvas, and the canvas is there to serve your creative flow of energy. Among this whirlwind of creativity, what is most important is the deep intention inside for why you are being pulled to the canvas, or teacher training to begin with. Get in touch with the deep desire inside that is driving you towards this path, the path of learning, the path or service, the path of humility. Being clear on this will make the entire road ahead more exciting and inspiring.

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