Letting go of something that is eating at your heart or soul can seem nearly impossible. Part of the reason for this is that your mind amplifies whatever you focus on. Even though you are asking it to let go of “this” it mostly hears the “this” and not the let go. We all know this because one negative thought triggers another and another until we don’t feel good, and then those feelings trigger more thoughts and more feelings and so on. Lucky for us the mind is like a magnet and it doesn’t discriminate, it just finds more of whatever you choose to focus on. To let go of something requires that you redirect your energy toward what you are wanting more of. If you are trying to let go of a relationship, focus your mind on the type of relationship you want to have, and the type of person you want to be with, then start looking for those qualities in everyone around you. Soon you will notice that you are surrounded by people who possess all the amazing qualities that you value. You will also see that many people you surround yourself with are not supporting you in a way that feels good, and so you can actively decide to hang out with the people that keep you feeling good and stop hanging out with the ones that don’t. Soon you will be hanging around people who you love and admire and one of them will be the person you were searching for. This is just one example.

Here is an example from my own life. I was a musician, in a touring band looking for change. I was depleted, burnt out, and stressed. For a while I focused on trying to let go of these energies but found that I only became more stressed. I eventually asked myself how I wanted to feel. I answered “Energized, Free, Filled with life”. I Made this my mantra – every time I felt like stress was coming my way I asked myself how I wanted to feel. My mind began finding ways to bring about what I wanted. I found books about it, I made new friends, and stumbled on a practice called Yoga. Now my life revolves around a practice that helps others feel energize, free, and filled with the essence of life”.

The question is what do you want? How do you want to feel on the deepest level of your core?

Practice along with me and the amazing group of students at the 2017 Yoga Conference Germany! Enjoy

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