The architecture of a pose, and of a bride share one major thing – foundation. Laying a solid foundation will make everything possible above it. Doesn’t mean everything will be easy- many things will take lots of time but without the steady foundation you significantly lower your potential. Physically speaking, In a pose like this creating a strong foundation means creating a sense of strength and integrity in your legs – a connection to the solid earth below you. One tip to try is pulling your knees toward each other- especially the back knee forward and up toward the front knee. That strength of your hips will release tension in your back and allow you to  go deeper with more ease.  Laying a foundation of a pose is easy, it’s just knowing what to do and then practice doing it. But how about laying a solid foundation in your friendships, relationships, career, etc. What are some things that you do to help you create a solid platform that can withstand the winds of change and the depths of creativity? 

Photo credit: @karenfuchsphoto (on Instagram) – photo has been cropped for Instagram purposes



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