Jenni Jenkins

Who was she?

A beautiful soul showed up in my Slow Flow class one Fridday afternoon, with a smile bright enough to inspire an entire room. Her name was Jenni Jenkins, she was the new Yoga advisor for Pure West. By the next week we became close friends at work, and would spend time chatting about Yoga, Music, the Boys she was dating, and whatever else came our way. Any conversation with her was going to be positive and had the power to lift you up. She possessed so many amazing qualities that continue to inspire me.

Jenni, knew how to give a true compliment, that would penetrate through to anyones heart, leaving them feeling better, even if they were already feeling great. She had a sparkle that most of us try really hard to bring out, but it just shined right through her. She was the student that every teacher looks forward to having in class, her curiosity, trust, and vulnerability were some of her greatest strengths. She would cry at the end of most classes when I chanted during Savasana, and then she would give me a great big love filled hug that EVERY TIME reminded me why I teach Yoga. Vulnerability was her strength, I admired that!

There is a line in a Jimmy Eat World song, called “Hear You Me”, that comes to mind “If I were with you tonight, I’d sing for you just one more time. A song for a Heart so big, God wouldn’t let it live. May Angles lead you in.” That’s what Jenni had, the biggest heart, So much love with in it that I still feel her smile in my own heart.

Often times people die before they get a chance to wake up and actually live. They spend all their life worrying about the future, or regretting the past, that they miss what is happening right NOW. I am happy to say that Jenni was at a time in her life where she was living fully in each moment!

Like most good things, Jenni disappeared from Pure. She was planning to come on a retreat that I was leading, that fell through. I had expected I would see her again soon, but never “had the chance” to reach out and see what she was up to. Last I heard she was doing her Yoga teacher training! I would have loved to see her become a Yoga teacher. But since she can’t physically teach, She will teach through me and all the other lives she has touched.

I will let this serve as my reminder that Life is absolutely precious! It is certain that we will be taking a last breath while in this body, but we don’t know when. So let’s Celebrate being alive while we are. Let us live like Jenni, students of life, ever so curious, and humble. Vulnerably opening ourselves up to the love that the world has to offer. Let’s bathe in gratitude for those that are still with us! May we be grateful for all that have crossed our path! If someone makes you feel good inside, make sure they know they have positively affected your day. If you miss someone let them know, and make time for them.

Let the light with in us shine. Lets empower everyone around us to feel good!

Thank You Jenni for reminding me what it means to be ALIVE!

You will be changing the world through my voice, I promise that. And I look forward to meeting you again soon!

I am happy I had the opportunity to know and spend so many beautiful moments with this amazing being of light!

So much love to you all,


*My Heart goes out to Jenni Jenkiins’ family

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