We have many relationships in our lives, some we love, some dislike, and some we try our best to ignore, or forget about. Living in the present moment is a relationship. We either choose to align ourselves with it or we choose to ignore it. When we are present with the moment, pay attention to it, listen to it, we feel the presence of ease in our life. If we ignore, neglect, or excessively flirt with the past or future, then we find that “life is hard” ; can’t sleep at night, always struggle with either significant others, money, health, friendships etc.

Practicing Yoga on our mat is like  play time with the present moment. Our body lives in the present moment, and yoga asana brings our mind into our body. That is to say through the practice of asana we become present. This can be fun, and joyous. We dance with the Now, we make choices based on what Is happening now, we courageously expand our perception of what is possible in the Now.

On the other hand sometimes our time on our yoga mat might feel less like play time and more like marriage councilling with the now. We may get into our poses, and see things that we don’t want to see, or find that we can’t do what we did yesterday or last year; bound by what appears to be a limitation. We may resist, or even withhold our selves the expressing all that is with in us because of fear, and judgment, that has been placed upon us from the outside world.

We always have a choice: be bound by limitations based on egoic judgment, and react on impulse, or connect to the situation at hand, and choose conscious action as our way. See the situation as it is, let go of what we can not control, and create a path to walk upon. We must accept limitation, no game can be enjoyed with out boundaries. The excitement happens when we see people like Michael Jordan play by the same rules, and dribble with in the same size court but expand the realm of what anyone imagined was possible.

I will leave you with something to think about. “The ego could be defined simply in this way: a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment”(Ekhart Tolle) if we continue to consciously choose presence, eventually the Now becomes our way of living, that is to say, we are no longer in the grip of the ego.

As my friend on the subway says every morning “Stay Well”


P.S Here are some Subway Sketches I promised:

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