QuadsTight quads are common in runners and often the intensity of stretching them leads runners to avoid it all together. However, The importance of stretching them is certainly underestimated. Tight quads correlate to IT band, and low back discomfort and tightness. The good news is regular stretching post run and on days off can help to keep the quads, low back, and IT band healthy and can help slow down the wear and tear of your hip joints.

For post run passive stretching is what I recommend since the muscles are well worked and heated. Passive stretching simply means stretch with no additional muscular engagement other then what is needed to be in the pose. This will help relax the nervous system.
On days off and perhaps even pre-run it is more beneficial to do an isometric engagement while stretching. So once you have your foot (or strap around foot) with your hand pull the foot closer to your body to increase stretch. Then Kick your foot back into your hand or strap to engage the muscle that is stretching. This will develop the health of the muscle over time, giving ease to the quads , It band and low back. Of course there are multiple reasons for tightness and pain in the body and there is not always a quick fix but trying these exercises will only increase your muscular health when done properly. 

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