I have been in the yoga world for about 10 years, and over that time the entire culture has shifted massively. When I started the practice I was on unemployment, depressed and seeking change. I had been practicing meditation and self-inquiry for years but felt frustrated and alone. Yoga provided an amazing opportunity for change and growth.

At the time I was lucky to have a step-mother as a yoga teacher because there weren't many studios around Long Island. Still, I couldn't get enough of the practice so I traveled all over to study. I purchased several DVD's and Teacher Training manuals just to learn more. Today it seems that there is a yoga studio in every town (or many studios for that matter). However in my travels through out the world, I have come to realize that there are still so many places in this world without the opportunity to practice yoga.

Many purists have complained that yoga today is being ruined by the mass popularity and rapid growth. While I would agree that there are far more studios, teachers, and styles, I don't feel this is a bad thing. Yes, you have to search to find the style, and teacher that resonates with you - this is nothing new. Yes, the chances of you walking into a class and practicing with someone who just graduated teacher train are high, but at least there is the option to practice. When I started Yoga, everyone in the community was all about trying to get everyone they knew to practice yoga. Now those same people are annoyed that everyone is practicing yoga. As with anything, an expansion will always bring forth the issue of retaining quality or purity. My advice is to stop worrying about what is going on outside with the world of Yoga and stay focused on what your practice means to you. Allow others to walk their path, they will find the right teachers for them. Trust in this practice and the direction of it.

"But, what if I can't find a teacher that I truly resonate with in my area?"

Recently TintYoga asked me to comment on the influence of Online Yoga on the yoga practice today and the future of it. In the video above I talk about my major two points that I think are beneficial to mention.

  1. Location: No matter where you are in the world you have access to teachers, coaches, guides, and can study with them regardless of where you live. This is powerful! back in the day, there was only a handful of teachers that you could study with in your home on DVD. Now there is a massive variety of teachers. Even if you can't afford to purchase videos and programs you can take advantage of incredible amounts of free resources. Personally, I created a YouTube channel and Blog to offer my students a free way of training with me even if they can't afford the Mentorship Program or any of the videos I have available on my website or TintYoga. I know thousands of other teachers are doing the same. Those that are ready for bigger commitment can go deeper and even study one on one regardless of where they are in the world. This is why I created the Mentorship Mastery Program
  2. Rewind, Repeat, Redo: When you experience a great yoga class and how it feels you ultimately want to revisit it. In the live setting, it's not possible to hear that cue again or repeat that sequence again. Online Yoga offers the opportunity to rewind, repeat, and redo anything that moves you. We all know that integration of knowledge and wisdom comes from repetition. We now have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge passed down from our favorite teachers by repeating the practices as much as we would like.

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