Last year my Acro partner, Chelsey and I were flying around in the streets of Soho, and a guy named Josh Maready happened to walk by and enjoy the show. He grabbed some photos of us that day, and to our knowledge we would never speak to him again. 6 months later he mysteriously tracked Chelsey down, and asked us to do a photo/video shoot. (this is a joke, he found her at lululemon, where she used to work.) Below is a shot from that day out on the streets of Soho.

We met last week in upper…UPPER manhattan, where there are hills…big hills. Here are a few photos from that shoot and the video. And, if you dig it, check out his website

photo of matt and chelsey doing acrobatics

We will be doing a second shoot soon, stay tuned.

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  1. Really Sweet moves you two. such great flow. Love the six pack abs, and the hair cut Chelsey! And absolutely great choice of music Josh. Let’s get together.

  2. Matt this stuff is crazy! I have never seen anything like it. Next time I come home I will see if Bryce will come with me to one of your classes.

    1. Hey Jenny Thank you for watching! glad you enjoyed it. Yes I hope you come to a class soon! I mostly teach Yoga classes, and occasionally I teach an AcroYoga workshop, which is what you are seeing here. there is a great class on Friday nights in the City, taught by Greg Franklin, and Chris Loebsack. If your ever in on a friday night, definitely the place to be (

  3. yo dude, its the guy from Phish! this shit is seriously bananas, you guys are awesome! you’ve inspired me man, i need to learn some acrobatics. where’s a good place to start?

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