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ALL WORKSHOPS LISTED HERE ARE ALL/MULTI LEVEL (with the exception of One Armed Handstand) Note that this is just a sample of workshops, you may ask to customize for your studio

Root Down, and Flow:

Get connected to your foundation through strong and powerful standing poses. Expect to work every muscle from your hips down, building strength and awareness within a sequence that make you sweat and will leave you completely detoxified with a smile on your face. Expect to gain a new perspective that will bring curiosity and excitement to traditional poses. We will go beyond surface level mundane alignment and open up new doors  that will leave you feeling a new sense of power in your body.

Boundless Freedom:

Shoulder Openers Dissolve tension and tightness in your shoulders and learn the biomechanics that make it easy! Many of us fall into patterns where we believe if we continually repeat an action, our goals will eventually workout. This only rings true when we are repeating a recipe for success. Matt Giordano will offer you a yoga practice that gets you into your body and gives you a strong understanding of a complex joint that can otherwise be a bit of a mystery. Having rehabilitated his own shoulder from a nearly shattered collarbone and fractured scapula, Matt’s knowledge speaks from experience and an excitement to share the tools he has picked up along the way. Boundless Freedom is appropriate for all levels. This course can be used for therapeutic and/or advancement purposes.

Therapeutically Advancing Your Practice: (alternate title: Fun, Advanced…Therapuetic?)

Advanced, but all levels? How? Moving forward and practicing more advanced postures is gratifying and fun, but our ambitions to go deeper into asana can also become injurious. In this workshop, we learn how to have your cake and eat it too—heal, keep your body healthy, and advance your practice. With proper biomechanics, we open energy lines in the body that promote healing–not destruction. Specific actions in our practice help the body feel safe and relax the nervous system, allowing muscles to release and giving us the power to dive deep into poses with ease. Keep your practice fun, advanced and therapeutic. This is appropriate for students of all levels, looking to find new depth in their practice.

Prepare to fly: (Alternate titles: “Arm Balances!”, “It’s Hip to Fly High”

Arm balances are some of the most fun, exciting, and challenging poses of the yoga practice. Most also require flexible hips—a place many of us have tightness. Don’t let that deter you from starting arm balance practice now. Finding hip flexibility is more than simply stretching and waiting to achieve the elasticity we desire. With Matt, we explore techniques to find our fullest range of motion through optimal skeletal alignment and muscular engagement for deep, isometric hip strengtheners. We will also develop a true sense of our core and how its location, stability and strength relate to our arms and hips. Get ready to sweat, fly, and go deeper in your body in a way that is safe, healthy and absolutely powerful.

Handstand! Learning to handstand is a process, abundant with discovery and amazement. Whether this is your first inversion workshop or you are well versed in the art of handstands, brace yourself as we delve into alignment, work toward mastery of the shoulder girdle, and explore acrobatic principles so you can build confidence and manifest a greater sense of balance. You will learn exercises that unify body and mind to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of standing on your hands. As a group we will create a safe and transformative space that will be appropriate and for all levels of practice. Take your handstand practice to the next level! Recommended experience for Handstand!: 3 months of steady yoga or acrobatic practice.

Arm Balance Flow:

Lets flow, sweat and fly in our practice. This flow class will incorporate techniques in standing poses that will directly apply to the upcoming arm balance. We keep fluid movement in this practice while learning and preparing our body for the next step. Be ready to have fun, laugh, wipe sweat off your brow and transition onto your arms and hands with precise techniques help you maintain ease!

Hips!: (Alternate titles: “The Mystery of Hip Opening”, “Tight Hips?”, “The Secret’s of the Hip Opening”, “The Keys to Hip Opening”, “The Keys to Open Your Hips”)

Tight hips can feel impossible to open. No matter how long you stay in pigeon, the next day it’s back to square one. Static stretching alone does not lead to flexibility. Through Matt’s deep knowledge in bodywork, yoga and anatomy, he will teach you how to transform once unyielding hip joints. Learn how to adjust alignment, prevent knee pain and engage the muscles to support the bone structure. This hip opener course will immerse you in the tools needed to access greater range of motion.

The Core of Twists: (Alternate title: Detox Flow)

Strengthen and Unravel your core with this deep flow to  detox the body and mind. We will explore many different aspects of the core of our body, but also learn the many specific way to engage depending on what yoga pose we are in. It is not enough to just engage the abdominal muscles, it is all about how, and when we engage. You will walk away feeling completely refreshed and with a new understanding that will carry through years of practice.

Discover the Joy of Backbending: 

The back bending practice can be some of the trickiest poses in Yoga, and can seem like either something you just can or can not do. While some people naturally have more flexibility in an arched position others have to take a more studied approach. In this workshop we will go over techniques that will bring joy and ease to your back bending practice. Those that are less flexible will focus on techniques to unlock tension. Those that have an established back bending practice will be able to take themselves to a whole new level using precision in their approach!

AcroYoga Foundation:

AcroYoga offers the opportunity to translate the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our yoga practice into partnership and group dynamic. It sets the stage for one of the most joyful and profound journeys, filled with discovery. AcroYoga employs safe, simple steps so we can approach what might otherwise seem impossible. Connection, trust and playfulness come to the forefront of the experience as you learn proper physical technique—giving you the tools to fly and (give flight to others!) You can expect to laugh, meet new people and surprise yourself with what you can do. All levels welcome; no experience with AcroYoga required.

The High Life:

Yoga as a solitary practice is amazing and powerful. AcroYoga offers the opportunity to translate the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our yoga practice into partnership and group dynamic. It sets the stage for one of the most joyful and profound journeys, filled with discovery. Learn techniques that will take you to new heights– literally. All levels AcroYoga, at least 3 months yoga or acrobatics practice recommended.

Thai and Fly: AcroYoga Therapeutics 

AcroYoga has a softer side that compliments the intensity of Yoga and Acrobatics.  We will get to recieve and give thai massage both in the air and on the ground. Learn and gain tools to take care of and help release tension for your friends, students, clients. Everyone leaves relaxed and smiling.

One-Armed Handstand Bootcamp:

Learn the secrets and wisdom behind acrobatic handstands. What Downward Dog is to your everyday yogi—a place of familiarity and foundation—handstands are for acrobats! With Matt’s guidance and acrobatic training, you will gain tools, technique, alignment, and drills that will lead you to mastery of your body while upside down. We will explore balancing on one arm, and workshop the architecture of many other handstand variations. This workshop is most appropriate for students who are comfortable holding a handstand for 30+ seconds and are looking to take themselves to the next level.

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