Koundenyasana Flow @ EvenFlowYoga 1-16-16

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Arm balances are some of the most fun, exciting, and challenging poses of the yoga practice. Most also require flexible hips—a place many of us have tightness. Don’t let that deter you from starting arm balance practice now. Finding hip flexibility is more than simply stretching and waiting to achieve the elasticity we desire. With Matt, we explore techniques to find our fullest range of motion through optimal skeletal alignment and muscular engagement for deep, isometric hip strengtheners. We will also develop a true sense of our core and how its location, stability and strength relate to our arms and hips. Get ready to sweat, fly, and go deeper in your body in a way that is safe, healthy and absolutely powerful.

Focus: Koundenyasana 1 & 2

Matt’s workshops include a few demonstrations. You may request visual demonstrations by emailing Matt at – simply include which workshops and the time stamp for the visual.


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