Online Workshops


Hips: Rock & Unlock Em

  • Increase Strength and Range of Motion in Your Hips
  • Free Up Your Low Back
  • Step by Step Approach
  • Precise Action Cues
  • Accessible for ALL Levels


Handstand Strength Training

  • Increase Your Wrist and Shoulder Strength
  • Ignite Your Core stability for better balance
  • Develop Masterful Proprioception
  • Gain lifetime access to these 12 training videos
  • Breakthrough the obstacles that hold you back!


BlissFlow: Live Music Flow

  • 1 Hour Vinyasa Set to Live Music
  • All Levels Appropriate
  • Full Spectrum Practice
  • All Original Music by Kevin Paris
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Online Courses


Elements Of Mastery

  • Learn Anatomy and Injury Awareness
  • Skillfully Advance Your Asana
  • Purposeful Hands on Adjustments
  • 5 Workshops on Mp3 + 15 videos
  • 3 Guided Meditations


Mentorship Mastery Program

  • 1 on 1 Coaching With Matt Giordano
  • Develop Masterful Teaching Skills
  • Build Your Dream Life and Career
  • Get Guidance, Support, and Accountability
  • Gain the Tools to Support Your Students

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