Happy new year! It’s hard to believe that life can get better than this, but I know from experience that when I focus on Joy, Happiness, Freedom than it is inevitable that life only can get better. 2015 was a year for me to appreciate my life and everything that I have already and also recognize that this is only the start of my beautiful life to come. Yes there will be the downs that life brings, and I will have challenges ahead that I will wish were not in my way, but I will get through them as gracefully as possible and continue to create a life that fulfills my Joy and the Joy of all that surround me. I am committed to be the best I can be and share the experience of life with anyone that wants to share it with me and my amazing family @dancinbecka and @gurutito. 
This video took several times for Tito to build his trust in me but he did it! I went super slow so he felt safe: a lesson in building others trust this year- don’t expect people to trust you show them you are trustworthy. Lots of love to you all in this new year!