200 Hour Exclusive

200Hr Exclusive
Yoga Training 


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I hope that you make use of this resource moving forward in your teaching career. Use the material as a guide to developing your skills as a practitioner and as a teacher.

 3 Seated Postures

Warm Up

A structured warm up without embellishments. Add or subtract postures or exercises based on your peak posture.

Sun A - Step Backs

A framework for sun salutation a. Traditional suranamaskar A has jump backs to Chaturanga which typically is not accessible for most people.

Sun B

A framework for sun salutation B. Saying “jump or step back” and “forward” is a great way to give different people permission to practice the way that serves them best.

Standing Sequence

Peak posture : Uttitha hasta Padagustasana B

Target Stretch; Adductors

Layering Postures: Warrior 2, Side Angle, Triangle, Half Moon, Tree.

Extended Cool Down

Optional elongated cool down: accessible for most all levels classes. Modifications for absolute beginners such as adding props or changing the postures may be beneficial, simply use this as a template

Traditional Surya Namaskar A

This video will help you verbally cue Surya Namaskar A, follow along and give it a try!


Skype Session Review

 Anatomy Review 

 From The Hearth 

 Yoga and Meditation 

 Yoga and Meditation 

 Targeted Private Yoga Style Videos

Hips and Low Back

Exercises to heat up/streng the low back and hips

Neck and Shoulders

Strengthen and release shoulders and Neck. 

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