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Online Yoga and 200, 300 & 500 Hour Teacher Trainings 

Practice online with Matt offers the most comprehevive ways to improve your practice, and advance your teaching skills. Let’s take a quick look at what you can learn and practice here

Yoga Immersions

For practitioners looking to advance your yoga practice, you have a wide veriety of immersions to choose from, covering all aspects of the yoga practice including Hip Opening, Heart Openeing, Shoulder Flexibility, Arm Balances, Active Mobility Training, Inversions, Anatomy Education, Meditation, Breath Work, Philosophy, Vinyasa, Flow, Strength Training, Balance, and so much more! Whatever you are looking to work on in your practice, it is available in the form of an immersion.

  • Yoga immersions consist of 12, all levels appropriate classes.
  • Each immersion has a chosen focus and is well indicated by the title and description.
  • Each class within the immersion is 75 minutes in length.
  • Yoga immersions are released on a monthly basis and begin as Livestream’s and all replays are heald in your account
  • If you are purchasing an upcoming immersion you will have the oportunity to join classes live and chat with the community
  • If you are purchasing an immersion that is already released, you will have lifetime access to watch the classes as many times as you would like
  • For all questions about your practice, you will be invited to our private facebook group.

    Teacher Trainings

    There are 2 main teacher trainings that can provide you with 3 tiers of certifications. The 200 Hour online training will certify you to teach yoga anywhere in the world, recognized by the global yoga alliance. The 300 Hour training is for certified 200 hour teachers to become 500 Hour Certified with Yoga Alliance.

    To become 500 Hour certified you must do your full 200 hour training with one school, and your full 300 hour training with one school – the two trainings do not need to be with the same school. You of course have the option to do all 500 hours here under this school if that is preferrable which many students chose to do.

    If you are already certified as a yoga teacher than the 300 hour training is suggested. If you are not yet certified, you must begin with the 200 hour training.


    Both the 200 & 300 hour trainings share a similar format in that they are online courses that are a self-paced with enhanced support and accountability.  The added support includes:

    • Weekly notifications with an overview of what to expect, and what to complete that week.
    • Each training also includes the support of a Chromatic Trained & Certified Mentor. 
    • You will be assigned to a group of yogis going through the course at the same time you are
    • You will be invited to our private Facebook group of all the trainees around the world for discussion and questions
    • 2 Zoom meetings/community calls per month with Matt, the mentorship team and guest speakers and teachers



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    Matt has such a calm, accessible and informative way of teaching. I learn so much from him in every class or workshop I take on so many levels. I couldn’t recommend this more highly to really get into the body, understand the mechanics of the hips and break down tension there. Thank u Matt for sharing. Please keep em coming Xxxx

    -Raquelle Gracie

    This Master class is a great opportunity to practice with a skillful and knowledgeable teacher in the comfort of your own home. One of my all time favorite teachers and for sure an amazing practice for anyone with low back issues (me), tight hips (also me), and/or looking to build strength and awareness in the lower body in a yoga practice! Looking forward to more like this!

    -Pam Godbois

    Matt Giordano is an incredible teacher whose classes breathe a rich element of innovation, combined with a love, passion, and reverence for yoga’s tradition and context. This class on the hips helped me see poses I practice (and have been practicing for years and years) with fresh new eyes. It takes authentic leadership and a command of content for a teacher like Matt to facilitate an experience that any level practitioner can appreciate and learn from. My body felt awake and refreshed! This is a super intelligent workshop that felt safe, but also deep and engaging on all levels. It makes me feel happy that there are teachers out there like Matt who through his warmth, and thoughtful consideration of our bodies’ whole health will make one of the most important contributions in our yoga in the West: That students feel strong, stable and can enjoy a meaningful rich lifelong practice that is relevant and inspired.

    -Tracy Bleier


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