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Excel Your Practice

Handstand Training

Practice the skills and drills of the masters. You will develop targeted strength in all the areas of the body that actually matter for handstand.

Hips:Rock and Unlock Em

Free your hips through focused and intentional actions. Develop depth of knowledge in some of the most effective standing postures and hip openers.


Enjoy a blissful flow set to the live musical performance of Kevin Paris. This 1-hour flow is like going to a concert and dancing through your yoga practice.

Empower Your Teaching

Mentorship Mastery Program

One on one mentoring and coaching for teachers looking to develop their skills on the mat and the ability to transmit a profound experience to their teachers.

Elements Of Mastery

This online program is the ideal way to develop a stronger practice and the knowledge base to create a transformative experience for students.

The Elements of Voice

Develop a voice that speaks to the soul, and learn how to authentically tap into your depth of emotions to create a profound and empowering experience in and out of the classroom.

Retreat and Rejuvenate

Spring European Retreat
Treat yourself to an experience of self love and care by taking your practice to a beautiful location in Europe. Retreats with Matt are an immersion in to the elements of nature.
Fall Tropical Retreat
Get reconnected with yourself and nature in the beauty of the topics. Retreats with Matt are an immersion into the elements of nature and the body.

Chromatic Yoga Trainings

Chromatic Yoga Level 1

Begin the journey of Chromatic Yoga with the Level 1 training that focuses on community, transformation and teaching skills. Skills include masterful sequencing, empowering and clear verbal cues, and the study of anatomy in action.

Chromatic Yoga Level 2

Become a certified Chromatic teacher. Skills developed in level 2 are creating thematic through line’s, workshop/retreat planning & development, and intro to leadership and co-teaching.

Chromatic Yoga Level 3

Become a Chromatic Senior Teacher. Learn advanced techniques for integrating both the physical and thematic through-lines into your teaching.

Livestream Classes


  • SALE Price:$98

Low Back Release and Restore

Live Stream 4-25-2020
Target Stretch: Abdominals, Quads and Hip Flexors
Physical Focus: Transverse
Theme: Soucha
Length: 75 Minutes
Inluded in April Class Pack
SALE Price: $18


Live stream 3-28-20
Peak Pose: Half Lotus
Target Stretch: Buttocks, I.T Band, Adductors
Physical Focus: Abductors
Theme: Dharana & Dhyana
Length: 75minutes
SALE Price:$18
Included in March Pass

CROW & 1/2 FireFly

Live stream 3-22-20
Peak Pose: Half Crow Half Firefly, Uttanasana
Target Stretch: Hamstrings
Physical Focus: Serratus Anterior, Adductors & Abductors
Theme: The Guna's: Balance of Push and Pull
Length: 75minutes
Included in March Pass
SALE Price:$18


  • SALE Price:$128

Neck and Shoulders Release

Live Stream 4-18-2020
Target Stretch: Pectorals, biceps and anterior deltoids
Physical Focus: back body
Theme: Resting the mind in stillness
Length: 75 Minutes
Inluded in April Class Pack
SALE Price: $18

Bow & Wild Thing Pose

Live Stream 3-19-2020
Peak Pose: Bow Pose & Wild Thing
Target Stretch: Outer Abdominals
Physical Focus: Transverse abdominals
Theme: 3 A's Of Burning Samskaras
Length: 75 Minutes
SALE Price: $18
Included in March Pass


Compass Pose

Live Stream 3-14-2020
Peak Pose: Compass
Target Stretch: Adductors + Hamstrings
Physical Focus: Internal Rotation of Hip
Theme: Spanda + Tapas
Length: 75 Minutes
Included in March Pass
SALE Price: $18


  • SALE Price:$78

Hips & Low Back For Meditation

Peak Pose: Seated Meditation
Target Stretch: Buttocks, I.T Band, Adductors, hamstrings.
Physical Focus: PNF
Theme: Samadhi
Length: 75minutes
Inluded in March Class Pack
SALE Price:$18


Live stream 3-25-20
Peak Pose: Flying Pigeon
Target Stretch: Hips
Physical Focus: Hip Flexors, Serratus Anterior, Glutes
Theme: Abhyasa & Vairagya
Length: 75minutes
Included in March Pass
SALE Price:$18

Online Workshops

Dance With The Flames

Experience your potential by stepping into your fire. While the asana practice will build your strength, stability and range of motion, the theme will leave you feeling inspired to take big steps in your life.


 Price: $64 $34


Learn the techniques that make Handstand fun, easy and accessible! This collection of the top 12 most effective exercises will make you rethink how to approach the posture and finally balance your handstand!


 Price: $154 $108

Hips Workshop

Practice the specific techniques to open your hips, find greater rang of motion and freedom. Each action in the body is carefully layered and clearly articulated setting you up for success.


 Price: $54 $28

blissflow with Live Music


Enjoy a delightful one hour flow set to the sweet sounds of Kevin Paris playing along. This flow is designed to leave you feeling good for an everyday style practice. If you love live music and yoga this is for you!


 Price: $47 $32

product bundle


Get 3 videos and save big! Get the top sellers on – Handstand Part 1, Hips Workshop, and Dance with the Flames all for just one payment of $75. You will have hours of inspiration to deepen your yoga practice. 


 Price: $179 $86

The Complete 6 Package


Get ALL 6 Products and save! ALL online workshops and trainings on – All with instant lifetime access for just one payment of $298. You will have hours of inspiration to deepen your yoga practice. 


 Price: $517 $298

Online Courses

Elements of Mastery

For the serious practitioners and yoga instructors, this online resource provides you with tons of workshops, demonstrations, reading material and worksheets to take you to the next level. This is in many ways an online teachers manual, filled with podcast style workshops, short form video demonstrations, and written explanations to support your development.

 Price: $198 $148

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Mentorship Mastery Program

This is a private training with Matt where you will meet once a week on Skype to develop your personal yoga practice and career path.

Develop the tools to build your teaching career, and receive personalized support along your path. This is geared toward teachers that are ready to make big shifts and are willing to do what it takes to get to the next level.  

 Starting At: $655/Month

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Elements of Voice

Have you noticed that some teachers seem to captivate students and pull them into the adventure while others can’t seem to hold the attention of the room? The Elements of Voice is a full online course with videos, blogs, review questions, delivered step by step so you can develop your own authentic voice that captivates and empowers your students.

Pre-Order Coming Soon: $198 $104

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Costa Rica 2020 

Starts: Dec. 5-10 2020

Immerse yourself into nature and your practice in one of the most nourishing places on the planet. Experience what its like to enjoy the beach, jungle, world class food, all while awakening your body to new levels of awareness.

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Portugal 2020

Starts: May 8-13th 2020

Recharge from the winter with an immersion into your yoga practice in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Take a comfortable step by step approach in your practice to developing mastery in your body, and finding sustainable peace in your heart and mind.

Click here for details: A Few Spots Left!

Chromatic Yoga Trainings

Level 1: The Elements

  • Chromatic Yoga Philosophy: Honoring Our Authentic and Unique Qualities
  • Step into the power of supportive community
  • Intelligent and Intentional Sequencing
  • Applied Anatomy
  • The Elements of Voice – The Secret of group classes/workshops/events
  • The Philosophy of the Elements
  • Physical Through-Line
  • Refined eye fo joint relationships

Dates: June 17-21, 2020

Level 2: The H.E.A.R.T

  • Theming: Creating Thematic Through-line
  • Inspire your students to practice off the mat
  • Stand in Your Power: Break through meditations and satsangs to empower you as a teacher.
  • Vision Coaching and Development
  • Intro To Coaching your students to make breakthroughs in their life
  • Retreats and workshops: Marketing strategy, Co-facilitating Dynamics, format for success.

Dates: June 23-27 2020

Level 3: IMPACT

  • Create a deeper impact on your community and beyond.
  • “Weaving” Through-lines
  • Masterful Verbal Cues
  • Structuring your business: Classes/workshops/retreats/intensives
  • Learn to lead Satsang
  • Delivering your Message  
  • Integrated Through-lines
  • Masterful Co-leading for workshops, classes, events.

Dates: August 2020

Dates: June 17-21, 2020

Dates: June 23-27, 2020

Dates: August 2020

Matt Giordano is an incredible teacher whose classes breathe a rich element of innovation, combined with a love, passion, and reverence for yoga’s tradition and context. This class on the hips helped me see poses I practice (and have been practicing for years and years) with fresh new eyes. It takes authentic leadership and a command of content for a teacher like Matt to facilitate an experience that any level practitioner can appreciate and learn from. My body felt awake and refreshed! This is a super intelligent workshop that felt safe, but also deep and engaging on all levels. It makes me feel happy that there are teachers out there like Matt who through his warmth, and thoughtful consideration of our bodies’ whole health will make one of the most important contributions in our yoga in the West: That students feel strong, stable and can enjoy a meaningful rich lifelong practice that is relevant and inspired.

Verified Purchase: “Hips: Rock and Unlock Em”

Pam Godbois


I still remember my first handstand workshop with Matt, walking away, I was not sure how I would retain  all of the information offered.   When Matt released the ‘Handstand Strength Training’ series, I purchased it immediately.  This series offered me the opportunity to focus on what I needed, in order to gain the strength in my “problem areas”, which has changed over time. 

My favorite aspect of the training is, in its simplicity, it is a series of short videos that offer clear instruction and exercises with muscular focus that I can add into my every day practice.  I love that over the past few years, I have been able to return to this series and continue to refocus my handstand practice through small attainable steps. I recommend it to all of my students and colleagues alike.

Verified Purchase: “Handstand Training”

Anthony Tomasi


This retreat was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Matt has a way of immediately making you feel welcomed and seen and comfortable; on an international retreat with many people you may not know, I think that is important. The yoga was great as always; a theme is incorporated throughout the week so there is purpose to each and every session. Matt’s instruction is clear and concise and his knowledge base is something that I find inspiring as a fellow teacher.
The iguana lodge as a retreat center is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The yoga deck(s) are stunning, the pool, the plants and flowers, monkeys all over the place. The staff was incredibly welcoming and happy and helpful, they spoke good English so it was easy to communicate. The food was amazing; I felt spoiled from start to finish. Can’t say enough good things about the whole experience; I’d go back year after year.

Verified Purchase: “Costa Rica Retreat 2018”


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