200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Share your love of yoga with others!

Develop the skills to share the practice of yoga.

Share Your Practice

From your own practice you know how yoga has supported you in so many ways and you undoubtably want to share that with those you care about and maybe even beyond. You know what it feels like to take a great class that leaves you feeling empowered, at peace and free in your body and mind. Learning to teach yoga not only serves your passion but it also helps everyone you share the practice with. To share the practice is a gift to others, and with a 200 hour training you will have the skills to do so. 

Am I ready?

There is no right or wrong time to become a teacher of anything, but there is definitely a spark of curiosity that guides each of us with the transition forward. You are here, reading this because it is your time. You may feel like you don’t have anything to share, and perhaps you are at the very beginning of your journey but that doesn’t mean you can’t support others out of the love in your heart. The 200 hour training will give you the skills to teach, but the desire to support others is all you need right now and its all you will ever need. You are ready.



Get ready to understand the body on a deeper level so you can support others on a safe journey through their practice. You’ll be able to share proper alignment with your students through the most popular standing, seated and balancing postures in yoga today.

Verbal Cues

Learn to guide students through postures one step at a time. In this training you will learn how to use language to help students connect to their bodies and feel good emotionally. Lead students safely in and out of postures, through flows, and into relaxation postures like savasana.

Effective Sequencing

This training focuses on the development of sequencing skills so you know what postures unlock access to other postures. Learn how to map out a class from start to finish in a way that provides a cohesive and effective experience for your students. Using alignment knowledge and verbal cues, your sequences will be intelligent and appropriate for all levels.

Authentic Teaching

One of the most powerful skills as a teacher is sharing authentically from your own experience. You will learn to step into your own power as a teacher, speak from that heart and tap into the courage that exists inside you. Teaching from this place will be your strength and the most valuable aspect of your teaching. This training will support and cultivate your authentic offering every step of the way. 

Helping Others Step on the Path

Teach Yoga, Help Everyone Around You.

Teaching is the art of sharing from our own experience. The 200 Hour training gives you the skills to transmit knowledge and wisdom from your practice to your students’ practice. You do not need to be a master teacher to support the well-being of others, you just need the desire to help, and the foundational skills to do so. The 200 hour training with Matt Giordano is designed to help you take each step necessary to develop your yoga practice, and attain the skills to  share it in an organized manner in the form of a yoga class.

Solid Foundations for Teaching

Proficient Practice

Alignment and Technique

Mindful Sequencing

Traditional Philosophy

Training Formats

The 200hr Training has several formats

  1. Online Course 
  2. Month Long Intensive
  3.  Weekend  Format
  4. Monthly Format

Note: not all formats are available each year. See what trainings are available for you this year, click here

The Online Course

Not only is it convenient but it was one of the most effective formats for those that want to become proficient at teaching. The Online format allows for a go at your own pace, yet connects you with a community of teachers in training for support. This online course leverages video technowlogy to deliver what no in person training could ever do. It is an interactive experience that provides you with the highest level of learning at the 200 hour level.



    Month Long Intensive

    The benefits of a month long intensive is that you get the immersive experience launching you straight into the practice full time. For some people this might be the best way to integrate the knowledge, other people might need more time to process the information. Matt Giordano hosts a month long every other year. This is ideal for international students that only want to travel once for their training, or local students who can take 1 month of from work.

      Weekend Format

      An elongated format to provide students with more time to integrate the knowledge throughout the training. Usually this format takes place on weekends every other week. This is great for local students but can be challenging for international traveling students. 

      Monthly Format

      The monthly format gives maximum integration time and allows trainees to practice teach between sessions. Sessions typically occur once per month making it accessible for traveling students and ideal for local students.

      Where Do I Begin?

      The first step is to find a training that works for you. Below you will find a list of 200 hour trainings within the calendar year. New trainings are added throughout the year so you may want to check back at a later date. If you are in a rush to get certified, reach out directly using the contact form at the bottom of the page to see if there are upcoming trainings on the horizon that are not listed yet.

      Covid19: ALL 200 Hour Trainings have been moved to the online course format – Go at your own pace, with group and mentor support. The online training is one of the most in depth and effective trainings available.

      Am I Ready?

      Do you have the desire to support others? Has the yoga practice helped you? If the answers are yes, than you are ready. The 200 Hour training is designed to support you on development of the skills needed to share this practice.

      Is this Yoga Alliance Certified?

      Yea this program is registered with yoga alliance and you will receive a certificate for submission. You will also be entitled to CE credits along the way upon completion of each module.

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