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Matt Giordano
Revolutionize Your Practice, Transform Your Life

July 19–21

Alignment-based yoga tends to be dogmatic—there is one right way and nothing else—while flow-based yoga practices don’t provide any support on how to do the postures or transitions. This has become the great divide in modern yoga, and this is where Elements of Mastery comes in. Elements of Mastery is a hybrid training course that provides you with anatomically informed, technique-based instruction rather than dogmatic alignment. With the appropriate technique, you will revolutionize the way you practice and experience the highest level of mastery in your practice, regardless of your previous yoga experience.


10-Hour Online Course: “The Pose Lab”

This brand-new course will provide you with the highest-level, most detailed breakdowns of a handpicked selection of yoga postures. You will learn the benefits and drawbacks of common alignment versus the power and life-changing potential of Chromatic technique. Each tutorial will explain joint alignment and potential muscle engagements, debunk dogmatic alignment cues, and provide powerful tips based on your unique body and practice. There will be short form-integration practices to help you master each posture. 

20-Hour In-Person Immersion

With your new understanding of the yoga postures, we will come together for 20 hours of practice. You will learn how the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) and the 7 Chakras play a massive role in how you move, and you will become familiar with your physical patterns. Understanding each element and how it exists within you will provide you with the incredible opportunity to expand your practice and ultimately enhance your life off the mat. The elements are the least esoteric philosophical tools because they are based on nature, and each element exists within us. Utilizing the elemental system along with anatomically informed Chromatic technique and the Chromatic mastery method, Elements of Mastery will revolutionize your practice and enrich your life. 


Registration opens February 12 and is first come, first served. Waitlist members will be notified before anyone else. Last year’s Chromatic technique training sold out to waitlist members in under 36 hours. Sign up below and keep an eye out for the notifications from Matt@theyogimatt.com.


“Matt’s way of teaching is thorough without being tedious or boring.  Experiencing the information in multiple formats, including exercises for the student to try in their own body, is what makes this course so successful. ”

Kelly Inabnett

The amount of in-depth knowledge he shares with you, gives you a greater understanding of how the body functions from the inside out.

Debby Bhowmik

Matt gives you all the tools you need to have an informed and confident practice. 

Andi Palladino

Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico theyogimatt
Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico theyogimatt
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  • 20 hours in person with Matt, July 19–21
  • 10-hour online course “The Pose Lab” opens June 1
  • Revolutionize your yoga practice
  • Apply the elemental and chakra systems to your poses
  • Gain mastery in your movement
  • Debunk dogmatic alignment myths
  • Learn anatomy-informed Chromatic technique
  • Hotel and spa: Amazing pool area
  • Optional spa treatments
  • Beautiful hiking trails
  • Outstanding restaurants
  • Sauna and hot tub


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