This is a Blissful 1 hour vinyasa with Matt Giordano set to the sweet tunes of Kevin Paris on acoustic guitar, and vocals. Kevin and Matt provide an experience that can never be recreated, every time the class is co-created by listening, and watching each other, and feeling the amazing affects of yoga as it settles in to every cell of the body. Join us in this class, as we guide you deep into the state of Bliss.



Get ready to fall into the state of bliss with this delightful flow set to the sweet sounds of Kevin Paris. This one hour flow is perfect as a one time masterclass, or for your daily practice. Matt takes you through an adventure of grounding, flowing, strengthening, holding, stretching and releasing, while Kevin masterfully accompanies each phase of the practice, enhancing the internal journey.

This Masterclass is appropriate for all levels, and is one of a kind, literally!  You will have lifetime access upon purchase, and of course the opportunity to practice at any time you would like.

Additional visual demonstration provided by Rebecca Rasmussen, and various guest appearances from @GuruTito.

Have fun and enjoy your practice!



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