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Handstand Video Course

You will learn the techniques that make Handstand fun, easy and accessible! This collection of the top 12 most effective exercises will make you rethink how you approach handstand and what is possible, so you can finally build the proper strength and awareness it takes to hold a handstand. When you get this course, you will:

  1. Increase Your Wrist and Shoulder Strength
  2. Ignite Your Core stability for better balance
  3. Develop Masterful Proprioception (knowing where your body is in space)
  4. Gain lifetime access to these 12 training videos
  5. Breakthrough the obstacles that have been holding you back!



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Handstand Strength Training Video Series, Video Series + Private Skype Tune-Up Session, Video Series+Private Skype+Personalized Yoga Warm Up


  1. Hi, Matt.
    I would like to know if this video course is for all levels as well. I honestly do not think I will ever do a headstand in my life; however, I am enjoying the “hips unlock…” video (as much as I struggle every time I do a segment, it has helped be be more present in the moves I make, the poses, etc.) and I am just trying to add more variety to my practice.
    I know the number one rule is to listen to our bodies, but before purchasing this video course I would like to make sure it is something I will be able to do… I need help with my wrists and upper body strength.

    1. Hello, it is most definitely for all levels and geared more toward beginners so I am pretty certain you will get exactly what you are looking for. The purpose of the handstand strength training videos is to help you develop the skills and strength that handstand requires – wrists, triceps, shoulders, and core.

    1. Hey John, Thanks for the inquiry. This is not directly related to the aspect of balancing a handstand, but rather the strength and alignment that is required to balance. Part two of this training will be released in 2019, and it will use the techniques from his video to teach you how to balance a handstand in the middle of the room.

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