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Handstand is one of the most elusive Yoga poses, and can either be a major source of inspiration or frustration. Learn to practice like a professional acrobat, and unlock the secrets that the masters understand. The Handstand Strength Training video series is a collection of the top 10 most effective exercises, presented with precision to bring you maximum potential in your approach to Handstand. This is a uniquely specific yet easy to follow approach to building some of the most important muscles in relationship to handstand. Set you up for success both physically and emotionally.

  1. Increase Your Wrist and Shoulder Strength for Balance
  2. Ignite Your Core and Arm Strength for Stability and Alignment
  3. Develop Masterful Proprioception (knowing where your body is in space)
  4. Gain Unlimited Access to 12 of the most highly effective handstand strength training drills
  5. Breakthrough the obstacles that have been holding you back!

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Available Packages:

Video Series + Private Skype Tune-Up Session: ($163 value!)In Addition to the full access video pass, you will have the opportunity to set up a one on one Skype session to make sure you are on track and practicing all of the exercises in a way that is going to build your practice toward handstand.

Video Series+Private Skype+Personalized Yoga Warm Up: ($363 Value) In addition to the full access, and Tune Up session, you will receive an additional consultation/practice session with Matt Giordano to asses your unique strengths and challenge spots. Matt will design the perfect 15min daily yoga warm up session to balance your body’s strength and flexibility. Hands down the best value for the dedicated practitioner who wants to take control of their practice and master their body.

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Handstand Strength Training Video Series, Video Series + Private Skype Tune-Up Session, Video Series+Private Skype+Personalized Yoga Warm Up