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Mentorship Mastery Program


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The Mentorship Mastery Program is designed for Yoga teachers or Yogis looking to expand into their potential. Below are are three tracks to choose from. Track 1 & 3 are specific to Yoga Teachers and Studio Owners. Track 2 is for anyone committed to taking the next step in their life, and is not exclusive to yoga practitioners, but simply geared toward those who are looking for inspiration and guidance in living life on purpose and with purpose. 

  1. Masterful Teaching Skills
    1. Develop a powerful Voice and Verbal Cues
    2. Empower your students with Technique and Anatomy
    3. Sequence with precision
    4. Weave themes and philosophy 
    5. Gain Confidence to lead effectively
  2. Life Coaching
    1. One on One Guidance toward self empowerment and momentum forward
    2. Development of your vision
    3. Inspirational support in keeping you on track and stepping forward toward your vision
  3. Develop Your Business and Your Brand:
    1. Develop a strong social media following
    2. Uncover and clarify your vision
    3. Structure and build a powerful business that thrives


Pricing and Payment Plans

PlanPrice What Is Included? 

One Time Payment 

$1950 One Time Payment

1. 12 One on One Skype Sessions w/Matt (30 minutes each) 

2. Email and Text Correspondence with Matt

3. All Video/Audio/Written Materials provided to you based on your track such as live workshop Mp3's, fill in charts, and educational videos. 

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3 Month Payment Plan$675 Per Month for 3 MonthsSame as above but with prolonged payments 

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6 Month Payment Plan$342.50 Per Month for 6 MonthsSame as above but with a more prolonged payment option. 

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Expansion Pack For Mentees Only$550 One Time PaymentSame as above but for 4 Sessions  

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Chromatic Yoga Teachers Only $185.63/Month for 8 Months12 Sessions at a discounted rate exclusive for Chromatic Teachers or those signed up for an upcoming Chromatic Training 

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Let me answer your questions and see if this program is right for you! email me and we can set up a time to jump on a Skype session or phone call together!

Additional information

Mentorship Mastery Program

One Time Payment – 12 Sessions, 3 Month Payment – 12 Sessions, 6 Month – 12 Sessions, Extension Pack – 4 Sessions, Chromatic Teachers Discount – 8 Month -12 Sessions

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