Hips: Rock and Unlock 'Em

Free your hips and feel better in your low back.

Get stronger, gain range of motion, learn new techniques.



The primary technique you will learn is called  facilitated stretching. This means learning to activate muscles while you stretch. Knowing which muscles to engage, when, and how is an art.  In this program, you will carefully be guided to perform facilitated stretches through some of the most popular hip openers in the yoga practice, that will help you find a new sense of strength and length.



An often overlooked aspect of flexibility is the health of our muscles. The muscular system can hold tension due to weakness and as a result no amount of stretching will create “opening” for any sustained period of time. This hips workshop targets some of the most underused muscles in the body. With precise verbal cues and video demonstration,  you will  gain strength and confidence on how to hold the more popular standing postures.



The reason you are likely here is to “unlock” your hips. You may feel frustrated about practicing years of yoga and seeing very little progress in opening your hips. Or perhaps you are a teacher who works with students that are struggling when they sit on the ground. The purpose of this training is to go beyond the standard yoga class and get into the details the bring about profound shifts in the physical body. Get ready to dive into an adventure and learn the skills that develop more freedom in the hips. You will be able to take these techniques with you every time you step on the mat to practice.

Targeted Muscle Groups

Buttocks and Hamstrings

There are several muscles of the buttocks including the deep external rotators of the hip, Gluteus Maximus and the three hamstrings that attach right under the gluteus Maximus where many people experience dull achy pain from over stretching or miss use. 

Inner Thighs

The muscles of the inner thighs are called the Adductor group. These are targeted through standing posters and isometric engagements throughout the workshop. 

Outer Hips

The muscles of the outer hips are called the Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus and TFL. These muscles can be tricky to target in both strength and length, but through this practice you will develop the awareness to activate and stretch them appropriately.

Hip Flexors and Quads

The Hip Flexors are often shortened by prolonged seated postures at the desk, in the car or on the couch. As a result, the body adapts to this shape which often creates low back pain or discomfort. You will have the opportunity in this workshop to learn how to regain low back integrity and re-lengthen the Hip Flexors and Quadriceps.

How Do I know If Hips: Rock &  Ulock ‘Em Workshop is   right for me?

I have tight hips and/or low back discomfort

This workshop is the perfect place to start! You will be brought through a series of seated and standing postures to free up your hips and unwind your spine.

I want to learn how to do the postures

This workshop is focused on technique and as a result you will learn new ways of approaching seemingly simple postures. You will develop a heightened awareness of your own body within each shape and gain access to each of the most important muscles. 

I want to share new techniques with my students

While this workshop is appropriate for all level, many yoga teachers get a lot out of the experience as the focus is not on the poses themselves and an ideal set of alignments, but rather a myriad of complex muscular actions within standard postures. You will gain insight into your own body and as a teacher you will be able to better support your students through a similar practice.

The 4 Quadrants of The Hips

For simplicity sake, I break down the hips in to four quadrants. In this workshop I help you target each quadrant.

The Front

The Front of the hips are targets through standing postures, unique lizard variations and my favorite thigh stretch.

The Outside

The outer hips are addressed in chair pose, and forward fold.

The Inside

The inner thighs are address in standing postures, as well as most of the hip openers in this workshop

The Back

The buttocks and hamstrings are perhaps the most targeted quadrant in this workshop.

What is the goal?

The goal of Hips Rock and Unlock Em is to help you develop awareness of your hips on both an intellectual and sensational level. You will learn techniques to apply to your practice and you will actually feel the results as you are practicing each posture. Every action is accompanied by a cue to let you know what the target sensation is.


What is the format?

This is an online video in the form of a two -hour workshop. You will have the ability to practice the workshop in parts, easily separating the warm up and the hip openers. You have unlimited access to the page upon purchase and will be able to log in on any device.

Skills You will Develop

  • Active release for quads and hip flexors
  • Low back strengthening and alignment.
  • Buttock engagements in several important postures
  • Outer hip stability and range of motion.
  • Adductor strength and release.

What is Included?

  • 2-hour workshop led by Matt Giordano in a video format
  • Bonus: Pigeon Pose break down two videos
  • Hamstring release video 
  • Technique, strength and flexibility written tips. 



  • Unlimited Access for life!
  • Formats: streamable videos & written short descriptions.
  • Access on your phone or computer. 
  • Immediate access after purchase. (click the my products page as a short cut after purchase)

Hips: Rock and Unlock ‘Em

For the low cost of 1 – 2 yoga classes you will get  unlimited access for life to this Hips workshop that will leave you feeling amazing and full of new techniques for your practice.  This is a one-time payment with immediate access whenever logged in. You will have the opportunity to move at your own pace and come back to the video over the course of time to track your progress and continue advancing your body awareness and hip opening practice.

Today $54.00 $28.00

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Dance with the Flames

  • Gain stability in single legged balances
  • Outer hip strength and range of motion
  • Increase your flexibility of your inner thighs

Hips: Rock Em and Unlock Em

  • Full Length 2 Hour Workshop
  • Targeting the 4 quadrants of the hips
  • Release chronic low back pain or discomfort.
  • Increase body awareness

Handstand Training Part 1

  • Get stronger in the areas that count
  • Targeted awareness of the body specific to handstand.
  • Break through fear with this step by step approach

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