Free Shoulder Anatomy & Bio Mechanics Workshop

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90 minute workshop to learn the anatomy and bio-mechanics of the shoulder.

What Will Be Covered

  • The Muscles of the Shoulder Joint
  • The Muscles of the Scapula-Costal Joint (shoulder blades)
  • The Rotator Cuff Muscles
  • The Actions/Movements at the Shoulder Joint
  • The Actions/Movements at the Scopula Joint
  • How These Muscles & Actions Apply to Your Yoga Practice
  • Strength Exercises for the Shoulders
  • Mobility Exercises for the Shoulders
  • How to Improve Flexibility for the Shoulder
  • Q&A

When: Two Options (You are welcomed to attend either or both)

  1. Wednesday, October 19th: 2pm Eastern Time, U.S. (Same as NYC Time Zone)
  2. Saturday , October 22nd: 10am Eastern Time, U.S. (Same as NYC Time Zone)
  3. NEW DATE ADDED: Monday October 24: 10am Eastern Time, U.S (Same as NYC Time Zone)


After signing up you will receive an email from me with the zoom link. There is one zoom link that will be active for both meetings. You may attend either Wednesday or Saturday or Both. After Signing up be sure to check your email, spam and promotions folders. Typically you will receive the link within 10 minutes, but with Hotmail and Apple Mail it may take up to a day, to avoid this, whitelist the email: and you will receive confirmation right away.


After we go over the basic muscles and actions at the shoulders you will be able to ask your questions directly to Matt, time permitting. 


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