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Fall Tour

The fall tour is almost solidified, join the newsletter at the top of the page or keep checking the Tour page, as the rest of the dates will be up soon! 

I have been loving this summer tour with Wanderlust festival, IGGetaway, and all the immersions and teacher trainings I have got to pop into in between. Stoked that the journey continues, let me know where I will be seeing you! 


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Presence is Worth Practicing

Today starts the last day of this summers @wanderlustfest tour. Three months ago I was driving down to WV for the first one and I was thinking man this summer is going to fly by…and here I am agreeing to that thought. It is a practice to try and be in every moment with 100% presence, because not all moments are exciting and some we’d rather run away from. Life is short though, and it seems to me that presence and savoring every moment is the one practice truly worth devoting your life to. In this way every night you can go to bed feeling that you have lived fully, and at the end of this short road you can lay down and know that you have spent your time well while in this body. 

Amazing Photo By master photographer and AcroYogi @kadrikurgun

Thanks to my buddy @mark_keahi for being a rockin base

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The Mirror

Practice on your own mat in your own space can be powerful, and transformative. However, if you are wanting to take the leap of self inquiry and awareness to the next level you need to be willing to have a mirror. That means being courageous enough to be vulnerable in the presence of other people- a willingness to see yourself from what others reflect back to you. This includes the observation of whether or not your actions are lifting someone else up or bringing them down.

November @AcroYoga immersion In D.C, Maryland with Chris Loebsack and myself
Photo by @lunalightphotography
With yoga teacher @jenniferelliottyoga


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Yoga For Runners – Quads!

QuadsTight quads are common in runners and often the intensity of stretching them leads runners to avoid it all together. However, The importance of stretching them is certainly underestimated. Tight quads correlate to IT band, and low back discomfort and tightness. The good news is regular stretching post run and on days off can help to keep the quads, low back, and IT band healthy and can help slow down the wear and tear of your hip joints.

For post run passive stretching is what I recommend since the muscles are well worked and heated. Passive stretching simply means stretch with no additional muscular engagement other then what is needed to be in the pose. This will help relax the nervous system.
On days off and perhaps even pre-run it is more beneficial to do an isometric engagement while stretching. So once you have your foot (or strap around foot) with your hand pull the foot closer to your body to increase stretch. Then Kick your foot back into your hand or strap to engage the muscle that is stretching. This will develop the health of the muscle over time, giving ease to the quads , It band and low back. Of course there are multiple reasons for tightness and pain in the body and there is not always a quick fix but trying these exercises will only increase your muscular health when done properly. 

 Check out my full DVD produced by Gaiam which you can see for sale on my merch page or iTunes, and Gaiam.com  

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A Little Help from My Friends

What a wild ride! I woke up last week on Friday morning only to find out my Instagram had been deleted, and it was permanent. Instagram has no customer service…It was a moment of heartbreak to realize I had lost all my writings and all the time spent building up my account was also lost. So Once I realized there was nothing I could do I started a new account. One benefit was I could start new and use my full name so there was no confusion that TheYogiMatt and Matt Giordano were the same person. The benefit I did not see coming from this was how much support I have from friends that really care about me. I looked at this as a new opportunity to connect with people, to ask for help, and to solidify my new vision: to use my teachings to bring people together, form a strong sense of community around the world.

The new vision of the future outweighed he past. A life lesson I once heard about staying young- keep envisioning a future of growth and change and take action to move toward that vision.
On my way to wanderlust whistler the other day, I opened my email with an apology from James Instagram (nice name) saying my account is back. Mixed emotions of excitement and confusion ensued. I moved on, I am ready for what is next so now what? I have decided to keep both and will eventually change theyogimatt to be the name of the style of yoga I have been developing – no name yet!
Big thanks to @BryceYoga, @SpiritualGangster, @YogaBeyond @yogaslackers @laurenrudick @andrew7sealy for posting about it, I can’t tell you how powerful it was to have you all by my side. @templeturmeric, and @Sproutliving thank you for your support in letting me know you are ready to help in any way!
So please follow me at @MattGiordanoYoga for daily posts! Big love to everyone that posted to help spread the word! So grateful!


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