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Something I have noticed in my life is the more I challenge myself, the easier it is to face the challenges that life provides. Regardless of where they come from, challenges help us grow stronger. None the less we have to make the choice to step into them. 

Many of us see a hurdle and try to run through it, and eventually wind up tripping and falling. Some of us see the hurdle and avoid ever moving toward it, we let it sit there… lingering until more of them pile up around us. Still the choice is ours- learn how to leap over them, or feel the weight of them on our shoulders everyday. With practice the leaps become more and more graceful…then the hurdles get higher, and we get strong and we jump higher. 

Whether you are putting the hurdles in place or life is doing it for you, they will continue to exist. So, make the choice that will bring joy and lightness, or don’t choose and feel the weight pile up. The challenges  keep coming, but if we focus on the one that is right in front of us and approach it skillfully, we can start joyfully jumping. What challenges are you avoiding? and what is your first step to feeling light and free? 

Spring workshops:

May 2,3- Philly 

May 9th: Long Island

May 16: NYC

May 17: CT

May 30: NYC

For details:


Photo below from: @KatenFuchsPhoto (Instagram)


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Authenticity = True Happiness

 The more I honor who I really am inside, the more I share that part of me with others. Authenticity is perhaps one of the most important things we need to feel and sustain happiness. You cannot be authentic if you are hiding behind your insecurities, and are scared to be vulnerable with yourself and others. I keep learning this, and it feels so Damn good to continue rediscovering my Self, and offering that part of me back to the world. Not only does it feel good to be me, but it’s contagious. When I am fully myself I see the people around me take a breath and let down their walls that guard them from their own joy. Mad a result the connections become so much more meaningful and ultimately more powerful. I am super grateful for those of you that have worked on yourself enough to release your own judgements- it’s that kind of work that allows the people around you to feel at ease. Releasing judgement starts with shifting your focus from what you don’t like to what you do like about something, or someone. It’s a practice, and it takes time. It’s like strengthening a muscle, it takes repetition and dedication. The sooner you can see the beauty in your own self the sooner you can let that part of you out and the sooner the people around you will do the same.

 I am totally grateful to the practice of @AcroYoga for giving me a safe yet accountable place to explore my authenticity. It truly is an incredible training ground because working with one or more people offers a mirror to see yourself. It is a practice that can show you your judgements and can help you release them so that you can feel the freedom of being truly you. 

Two opportunities to try acro this weekend – @KAIAYOGA – Westport CT and Rise Yoga in Saratoga Springs NY (@justinwolfer ‘s studio!) see you Saturday or sunday?? 

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What Yogi’s Eat for Dessert?

Recently Yahoo Health approached me and asked what I eat for desert. While there are a billion healthy and certainly some unhealthy deserts out there, there is one in particular that I love and it’s super simple. Check out @Jordan Lippi’s article on “what yogi’s eat for dessert”




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Laying a Solid Foundation

The architecture of a pose, and of a bride share one major thing – foundation. Laying a solid foundation will make everything possible above it. Doesn’t mean everything will be easy- many things will take lots of time but without the steady foundation you significantly lower your potential. Physically speaking, In a pose like this creating a strong foundation means creating a sense of strength and integrity in your legs – a connection to the solid earth below you. One tip to try is pulling your knees toward each other- especially the back knee forward and up toward the front knee. That strength of your hips will release tension in your back and allow you to  go deeper with more ease.  Laying a foundation of a pose is easy, it’s just knowing what to do and then practice doing it. But how about laying a solid foundation in your friendships, relationships, career, etc. What are some things that you do to help you create a solid platform that can withstand the winds of change and the depths of creativity? 

Photo credit: @karenfuchsphoto (on Instagram) – photo has been cropped for Instagram purposes



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Freedom of Self Expression

For years I studied asana (yoga poses) as it applied to traditional yoga. I had a a closet judgement about anything that was not a traditional yoga pose, or I just saw it as completely separate from yoga- “oh that is dance”, “oh that’s martial arts”. I am finally free of that closed minded opinion that yoga is specific to whatever Iyengar’s Light on Yoga or the Ashtanga practice said was yoga. Yoga for me has become an expression of my body, mind, and spirit,  just like it was for those that created the traditional poses. Yoga borrowed from dance, acrobatics, and martial arts since the beginning- they all arise from creativity. So what is Yoga then? 

Yoga for me is a full practice of life – to be present, and to take action and make choices from the place inside me that is connected to the highest. Yoga is the state of bliss. Yoga is the study of my mind, body, soul, nature, and everything in this world.  So to me weather I am on a Mat or in a hallway of a hotel I can practice Yoga, and I can express my practice my emotions through my body in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it comes out in a traditional yoga pose, and sometimes it comes out in something creative like this photo.

 I am grateful for the time in my life that I dedicated myself to studying the traditional yoga postures because it got me to a certain point with my body, I needed that focus. Now my physical focus is just much more specific, instead of a bunch of poses, I study my bones and how my muscles interact with them. This study has opened up a whole new rhealm of posibility for my body. 

What is Yoga to you, or what does it mean to you? What do you focus on in your practice on and off the mat?

Photo Credit : Sascha Reuter

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