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First off, to say that I meditate in Lotus pose would be a lie, and even comical to me because I know how much time and effort it takes to get into my hip flexibility. Getting in and staying in lotus requires lots of muscular engagement to keep my bones in the right place so my joints are happy. So to try and bring the mind beyond the physical realm would be incredibly challenging. Even still I wanted to post this photo as a representation of meditation. Physical practice is my Joy and I love it, but my meditation journey has transformed the way I look at the world and the way I treat my body within the yoga practice and with everything else I do. When I sit for meditation practice my heart literally feels like it’s being cracked open, and the discomfort of that vulnerability brings me immense and powerful feelings of pure Love and Connection. Everything I do seems to become more pure, and aligned with the Great Spirit of nature…of Life.


Meditation can be a daunting task, especially when you have yet to start. So here Is my advice: Sit on the edge of your chair, eyes closed, with your back upright. Take 5 slow breaths in and out with a slight pause at the top and a lingering at the bottom. After five breaths sit for about one minute and watch your thoughts like a movie, just observe everything. After about a minute return to the five slow breaths with the pause and lingering. Open your eyes and continue your day, do that again tomorrow.


Photo Credit: @lunalightphotography

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I have met so many amazing yogis this year, and so many on Instagram I have yet to meet in person. It is an appropriate time to connect again (or for the first time) in person. I am stoked to share a 4 day weekend immersing ourselves in Yoga, with 6 solid practices filled with sweat, smiles, and all sorts of technique. If you want to practice in person with me join me in Miami at The Standard October 9-12. In addition we will have some optional activities included: meditation bath, SUP Yoga, and a group accupucture session!  For all the info visit www.pureyoga.com or send me a message on the contact tab on this website. 


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Instagram Challenges this week!

Join me and my good friends for some fun yoga challenges on Instagram this week. #yogiflightclub started today with crow pose and tonight I’ll be posting the second pose (for tomorrow) post your crow tonight or if it’s too late join in tomorrow for our second pose! 

The second Challenge is to raise awareness for Nepal – #InspirationGenerationChallenge

Stop drop and yoga with us and of course if you can donate please do. However just by spreading the word you will help bring the word around that we are raising the awareness and those that can will donate.  Join us each day by posting the hashtag with your pose of choice and tagging a friend to stop drop and yoga for a good cause as well. Here are my two Ig posts.

For all details just go to @theyogimatt on Instagram and see the caption under these videos.


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The Nature of Spirit

For most of my life I didn’t have a connection to spirit, I felt disconnected and in my own world. Everything revolved around the drama of my every day events, it was a challenging experience and yet it was my accepted norm. I am grateful for the moment in time that cracked me open and awakened my mind to the presence of spirit. 

For me it happened outside in nature, and it became obvious that we’re made of energy. While energy takes on different forms and may look different on the outside, at the core of it all it’s pure, powerful, pulsing, energy. I feel most connected to spirit when I am immersed in nature. 

  Photo Credit: @karenfuchsphoto  

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Something I have noticed in my life is the more I challenge myself, the easier it is to face the challenges that life provides. Regardless of where they come from, challenges help us grow stronger. None the less we have to make the choice to step into them. 

Many of us see a hurdle and try to run through it, and eventually wind up tripping and falling. Some of us see the hurdle and avoid ever moving toward it, we let it sit there… lingering until more of them pile up around us. Still the choice is ours- learn how to leap over them, or feel the weight of them on our shoulders everyday. With practice the leaps become more and more graceful…then the hurdles get higher, and we get strong and we jump higher. 

Whether you are putting the hurdles in place or life is doing it for you, they will continue to exist. So, make the choice that will bring joy and lightness, or don’t choose and feel the weight pile up. The challenges  keep coming, but if we focus on the one that is right in front of us and approach it skillfully, we can start joyfully jumping. What challenges are you avoiding? and what is your first step to feeling light and free? 

Spring workshops:

May 2,3- Philly 

May 9th: Long Island

May 16: NYC

May 17: CT

May 30: NYC

For details:


Photo below from: @KatenFuchsPhoto (Instagram)


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