300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Support your students with masterful teaching skills.

Helping You Develop & Refine Your Teaching

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The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training with Matt Giordano is done in a module format, which means you have the freedom to pick and choose trainings that interest you and are convenient in your schedule. You have up to two years to complete your training. Just fill out the application, and begin choosing the modules that suit you best!

What You Will Gain

The 300hr teacher training is the perfect way to harness your teaching skills in order to truly support your students’ growth and potential. In this training you will

  1. deepen your personal practice
  2. develop your ability to mindfully sequence
  3. gain proficient understanding of anatomy
  4. sharpen your verbal cues
  5. receive templates for effective theming

and so much more!


Precision Cueing

Develop verbal cues that speak to the the body, mind and heart of your students. You will not only gain clarity on what to say but also how to say it. Through the study of the Elements of Voice you will become more effective and empowering with your voice, and learn to use it as a tool to serve others.

Empowered Techniques

Learn key techniques to empower yourself in your asana practice.With a step by step approach you will sharpen your mind/body connection, leaving you with a more advanced asana practice and ultimately a greater understanding of your muscles, bones, and joints on an intellectual and sensational level.

Masterful Sequencing

Sequencing is an art that can be cultivated over a lifetime. This program provides you with templates to follow in order to create a masterful sequence that comes straight from your heart, body, and mind. Learn to be more accurate with each pose you choose for your classes and workshops.

Theme Weaving

Connect to your students on a deeper level by effortlessly weaving themes through your classes, workshops and retreats. Theming is a skill that only masterful teachers are capable of doing in a way that speaks to the hearts of their students. This program provides you with the secrets that make theming fun and effective.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Teaching is the art of sharing from our own experience. Every great teacher has the skills to transmit the knowledge and wisdom from their own practice to their students. The challenge of becoming a great teacher is that you not only have to attain and maintain proficiency in your own practice, but also in the skills of teaching as well. All this can seem like too big of a task, but it is not. This training is designed to help you take each step necessary to develop your yoga practice, and attain the skills necessary to share it masterfully.

Masterful Teaching

Proficient Practice

Develop Skills

Develop Your Teaching Career

Empower Your Students

How It Works

The 300hr consists of five major parts.

  1. Mentorship Mastery Program
  2. Elements of Mastery Part 1 & 2
  3. 6 Day Retreat of Choice
  4. Two Chromatic Trainings
  5. Yogis Choice
Mentorship Mastery Program

The Mentorship Mastery Program is the heart of the 300hr Yoga Teacher Training. It allows you to have one on one time so that you can develop your teaching in the way you truly want. Together with Matt, you will choose a track for your study, and through weekly Skype meeting you will stay on track toward your goals as a teacher. Some of the topics of study you may choose from are the following;

  1. Mindful Sequencing
  2. Anatomy and Technique
  3. Empowering Verbal Delivery
  4. Hands on Adjustments
  5. Cultivating a Transformative Experience
  6. Meditation Techniques
  7. Intentional and Effective Theming
Elements of Mastery Part 1 & 2

The Elements of Mastery Part 1 and 2 are each done in 3 day formats. Part 1 is open to teachers and students alike, and it focuses on building a strong understanding of the physical body through practice, hands on assists, and body reading. Part 2 is designed for teachers, it breaks down the structures underneath workshops and classes. Topics covered are sequencing, adjustments, meditation templates and anatomy.

6 Day Retreat of Choice

A 6 day retreat brings you through the elements (earth, water, fire, air, space), and helps you develop both a physical and emotional relationship with them. One of the downfalls for teachers is lack of self practice. A retreat is about you, your practice and self inquiry. Taking time to nourish and educate yourself is as important as stepping up your teaching skills. Your teaching is only as powerful as your practice. You may choose any retreat so long as it have 5 full days of practice which is typically in a 6-7 day format.

Two Chromatic Trainings

There are several 5 day teacher training modules including Chromatic Yoga Level 1, 2, and 3, as well as Applied Anatomy, and The Elements of Voice. The five day modules are focused on the various skills required to teach an empowering and transformative experience for your students.

Yogis Choice

The remaining 60 hours can be accrued through attending any of the following: Chromatic Level 3, Elements of Voice, Art of Adjustments, workshops, festivals, conferences, or repeating a previous module (mentorship is recommended). You will be required to keep track of your hours. 20 of these hours may be observation hours, or assisting hours. In order to assist you will be required to pass a proficiency hands on examination with Matt Giordano.

What Does it Cost?

At this time there is no fee to begin the process of attaining your 300hr training. Simply pay the cost of each module as you make your way through the required curriculum.  The application is free. 

Where do I begin?

After completing your application you may work your way through any of the requirements.  It is often most beneficial to start with the Mentorship Mastery Program in order to have one-on-one guidance along your 300hr journey. However, the purpose of the module-style training is for convenience.  I suggest visiting the in-person tab to find out when the next retreat, Chromatic Training, and workshops are.

Is this Yoga Alliance Certified?

Yes. This program is registered with yoga alliance and you will receive a certificate for submission. You will also be entitled to CE credits along the way upon completion of each module. 

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Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program is one on one and can start at any time. It is a great place to start the 300hr training. The mentorship uses online platforms like Skype and Marco Polo.

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 6 day Yoga Retreats

Retreats support your personal yoga practice and are an immersive experience. Most follow a theme around the elements. There are between 2-3 retreats per year, and they sell out quickly.

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Elements of Mastery

Elements of Mastery provides you with techniques to develop a strong practice. Part 2 is geared toward teachers, and gives you the skills to teach in a more structured and effective way.

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Chromatic Trainings

5 Day Trainings are the perfect way to solidify your 300 hour journey. The intensive experience focused entirely on teaching skills will leave you with a masterful foundation to support your students’ transformation.

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