Yoga For Flexibility and Mobility


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  • Key techniques to increase flexibility
  • Strength development for mobility and range of motion
  • Learn postures: Hanumanasana (splits), Extended Side Plank
  • Active and passive mobility for shoulders, hips, and spine
  • Find greater ease in seated postures
  • Improve mobility and posture off the mat
  • When and how to do active, passive, and isometric stretching
  • Lifetime access
  • 12 classes, 75 minutes each
  • Unlimited views

11 reviews for Mobility

  1. rosa.robert sanchez (verified owner)

    I am a regular. I am a Matt’s student since Immersion May 2020. Matt’s teachings have helped me to deeper my yoga practice in ways I did not envisioned. I used to have shoulder pain and lower back pain, so much I won’t be able to walk. After practicing yoga the way Matt guides helped heel my body by making it stronger and even more flexible. I really got into a point where I can really connect to my muscles and feel then, talk to them, it’s a really cool experience. Everytime I practice a new immersion I learn something new which allows me to understand my body better and get stronger. I really enjoy practicing yoga with Matt. Mobility immersion is great as all Matt’s immersions, very technical. I really enjoyed it and I also think it was quite challenging, the class we worked on the ankles and wrists are my favorite. This immersion has helped me to master my chaturanga. Thank you Matt!
    Rosa m

  2. Sophie Brémaud (verified owner)

    This is my first course with Matt. I came across his video tips by chance when I had shoulder problems. His advice helped me a lot. I then decided to subscribe for this immersion, really don’t regret this, his method is just perfect for me.

    Thank you Matt

  3. Jenny Ost (verified owner)

    This was my first immersion with Matt. I’ve taken other immersions and workshops with other instructors & I really enjoyed his instruction style. I was very happy that I have taken his immersion and have access to the library to come back to again and again. I am finally using internal and external rotation in limbs with an awareness I wasn’t able to share with my students before.

    I didn’t expect to be able to immediately process and bring it to my students, but my students are already remarking on the changes in my cues and what that is bringing to their awareness in the asana. Matt’s style is intense, but realistic. He has a human quality that resonates with me. I appreciated how well he was able to explain the activation and movement as well as point out aspects that DO take time allowing you to be able to move with more awareness of the muscles that need to engage. Having each class focus on a specific muscle groups allowed me the opportunity to repeat, practice and within 24 hours? FEEL the impact on my body as I was working strength in ways I had not before. I highly recommend and look forward to another opportunity to train with Matt.

  4. thanida31 (verified owner)

    It’s my 6th immersion so far. I really learn a lot from you in each session, and understand my body more throughout the practice. The way you explained was very easy to follow and understood well. I look forward to learn more on the next immersion. Highly recommended !!!

  5. marisa.valdiserra (verified owner)

    I learn so much from every one of Matt’s immersions (I’ve taken them all). In particular, the mobility immersion gave me a fuller understanding of the strengths and weaknesses I have specifically with internal and external rotation of my upper arm bones and how to work towards increasing my mobility in those areas. I also loved the practices in this immersion that focused on hamstring strength as this is a muscle group that I tend to overstretch. With Matt’s cues, I’ve really been able to engage my hamstrings to strengthen them and just as important, to protect them. Can’t wait for the next immersion!

  6. vickybritton (verified owner)

    I have purchased most of Matt’s immersion so far and hope they continue as the information is invaluable.

    I find this immersion slightly different to the others as Matt mostly works through different joints and how to position/move them better to avoid injury and get your further into a pose safely.

    It’s hard for me to say this but I think this is my favourite immersion yet, still very challenging poses, but possible because I follow Matt I’m finding the poses now more achievable through practice. I have tried a couple of poses I do not normal do and feel as though my strenght I’ve gained through practising with Matt and his knowledge he passes on has made me achieve better end poses.

    As matt talks slightly more about anotomy in this immersion, this immersion has leads very nicely into purchasing his next one (which I have already) “anatomy in motion”. Vicky

  7. Rebeca Mejia (verified owner)

    If you are trying to learn and most importantly, understand how biomechanics work, Matt is your teacher, he is mine now.
    During this immersion I have improved my practice tremendously. After many years pf practice and as Yoga Teacher myself, I can tell the way he approach anatomy says so much about the hours he has spent practicing and studying the human body.
    Knowing that everything we practice on our mats filters into our lives, I can’t wait to take many more immersions and trainings with him!

  8. Stephanie Herrington (verified owner)

    This has been my favorite immersion I have done with Matt. Each class focused on a different area of the body and how to activate the muscles in that area that you wouldn’t normally use, or even know about! I have had so many weird sore muscles the next day! I really have enjoyed the anatomy lessons and learning how my body works. I highly recommend this immersion to anyone that wants to advance their knowledge on using your muscles properly during your yoga practice to prevent injury and deepen postures.

  9. vickybritton (verified owner)

    I have brought most of Matts immersions now because you get so much valuable information in them regarding how to do postures correctly for avoiding injuries and this also enables you to get deeper into the pose. This immersion is exactly that, about how to look after your joints so you can carry on enjoying yoga and “movement in general” for years to come. And who does not want more mobility, especially when its taught in such a great way by Matt so you can understand and implement it clearly. I love the way that Matt shows how to angle and move your spine in ways and directions in order to get safer, more room and deeper into a pose.

    This immersion I have found slightly different from the rest as with this one each class targets individual joints / limbs and not so much about the end pose. Don’t get me wrong these classes are still challenging but I find on a slower pace. I think this immersion has more great information about the mechanics with your body. I have found it more interesting than i thought i would and this immersion got me purchasing Matts next immersion “anatomy in motion”. I personally think this immersion is one of his best yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a great immersion for your whole body to practice yoga safer. vicky

  10. Gintare Spejeraite (verified owner)

    Mobility was my first immersion I took with Matt. I heard and I was following him on social media for a long time but I was training with other teachers so had no time to jump in an online class with this guy.
    After his talk on Yoga teacher conference, I thought it is time to get know this yogi better. That was a great choice which let me feel more comfortable about what I am doing.
    I am CYT and my passion is anatomy. I have tried many ways to understand how anatomically our body moves during yoga, with different teachers, platforms, books, but after first mobility immersion I understood that Matt explains it so much easier. Repetition of movements, terminology, way of presentation everything was just engaging. I am not a fan of slow yoga, but during Matt class I have never checked clock, and never got bored even if that was slow and with a lot of information.
    I feel more comfortable to teach my yoga students especially once it comes to anatomy and how, why, where relates to movements.
    Now next immersion Anatomy in motion is booked.
    Looking forward for it and the best thing, that even if I can’t join it online, I can watch it again and again to understand and apply for my trainings.
    Thank you, Matt.

  11. Ara (verified owner)

    This is my first immersion…but not the last one, for sure!!!! I’m enjoy every minute of the classes, I love the marvellous way Matt explains anatomy and biomechanics. It is amazig how he guides you to get the right movement and postures in a correct way. I love it!!!!
    I’m looking forward to sign up for the next April immersion

    Ara, from Spain

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    The Mobility Immersion is one of the all time best sellers on The detailed, anatomically creative sequencing makes it an incredibly unique experience. Each class focuses on a particular area of the body.
  • Class #1: Rotator Cuff – Rotations at the Shoulder Joint
  • Class #2: Hips – Thigh Bone and Pelvic Rotations
  • Class #3: Neck Active vs Passive Range of Motion
  • Class #4:Shoulder Blade Articulations
  • Class #5: Wrist Strength and Flexibility
  • Class #6: Ankle Stability and Balance
  • Class #7: Knee Rotations, stability, Quads and Hamstrings
  • Class #8: The Elbow and Forearm Actions
  • Class #9: Spinal Mobility Part 1 – Extension
  • Class #10: Spinal Mobility Part 2 – Folds and Twists
  • Class #11: Hanumanasana
  • Class #12: Extended Side Plank




Matt‘s classes are phenomenal- if you ever have the ability to practice with him, make use of it!! He has a very unique talent of combining anatomy, yoga philosophy and his own perspective into a super intense package of knowledge which is fun AND easy to understand. I enjoyed the April immersion a lot as it was a great way of deepening my own practice and broadening my horizon, especially as the lifetime access allows you to take classes
as often as you want- trust me, you will want to take them again! I cant wait for next month’s classes and highly recommend everyone to take the May pass and joining in on the journey.

~Nadja Kyra King - @nadja_kyra

Matt’s April pass was a journey. It was more than just the physical exploration of my practice but also helped me explore my spiritual practice. It was very nice to have a consistent practice during this time of uncertainty. If you are looking for a practice to ground yourself I would highly recommend exploring the Live Immersion of the Month.
~Amanda Barnes Salowsky

Covid_19 bought Matt into my home and my yoga practice. This last month I have learn’t so much it has deepened my practice and my understanding of the anatomy & biomechanics and how we use both in every asana we practice. He has also helped in my teaching, ie asking my students to think about the foot as a tripod “big toe, pinkie toe, heel ” I never imagined I would learn so much from the immersion.

~Debbie, @the_joyofyoga

reverse warrior for deeper backbends





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