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Have you been working on a pose and want to have someone look at and provide you with personalized feedback and recommendations? Wondering if you are doing something correctly, or why you have pain or discomfort? Not sure where to start with working your way toward a specific posture? Here is your solution. With Pose Coaching you get to submit a video of your postures, and ask whatever question you would like.

How does it work?

  1. First chose the package that works for you, 1 pose, 3 poses or 5.
  2. After checkout you will receive an email with you order number
  3. You will submit your 1 minute video and order number in 1 of two ways (via instagram Direct Message with Matt, or Email)
  4. Matt will review your video and provide you with feedback and suggestions for your practice.

No Posture is too simple or complex, all poses and transitions are welcomed!


How Long of a Video do I submit?

20-60 seconds in length.

What should I include in my video?

Its’s best to include a specific question, here are some ideas to think about: Any questions you have or descriptions of what’s challenging you, any injuries or pain in the pose, Then perform the posture, modified posture, or transition for at least 3 breaths.

What camera angle should I get?

The side view tends to be best for most postures just like the view you see in the product photos with the white background and purple mat. Matt will notify you if he needs a second angle.

How long is the feedback?

Typically 1 minute depending on the complexity of the posture or your question.

I am a beginner,  is it ok to participate in this?

Yes absolutely, all levels are welcomed

I am a teacher, asking for a student/private client, can I submit a video of them?

With their consent, absolutely.

Can I buy a 5 pack to focus on one posture over time?

Yes, as you are provided feedback and suggestions, you may practice on your own time and come back with more questions or requests for next steps. this is particularly helpful for foundational postures and advanced postures that require constant attention such as Chaturanga, down dog, handstand, splits, arm balances, etc.


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