Since the benefits of yoga aren’t hidden anymore, you’ll find many people searching for expert yogis to guide and train them. While some people wish to just learn the art of yoga for their own sake, others wish to excel and become a yogi themselves. Regardless of whatever your plans are, there are certain things you must take into account before you choose a yoga expert.

Knowledge and Skills

Like any other field, yoga also requires knowledge and skills. You can’t just read some books or watch YouTube videos and become a yogi. It takes patience, effort, and years of learning before one excels in this field. Moreover, it also matters how and from whom you’ve learned your yoga expertise. The best yogis have traveled to different places and gathered knowledge and skills from many different teachers. Keep these things in mind when you lookout for a yoga expert.

Yoga Type

There are many different types of yoga, and hence it’s very important to decide what yoga you’re planning to learn. The best yogis have expertise in and knowledge of multiple types of yoga because they can use multiple methods in combination with the best results.


Once the yogi has completed their basic education and skills, it’s also important for them to practice it themselves before teaching others. When you’re choosing a yoga expert, experience matters more than anything else. Make sure you choose the most experienced and knowledgeable one.


There are good guys and bad guys in every field, and the same is true for yoga. You might come across some yogis who exaggerate their experiences and make mystical claims. Stay away from such yogis and look for the most honest and sincere ones you can find. Those who’re dedicated to the field will never brag too much about themselves or make any non-sensical claims. They’ll tell you what’s true and guide you wherever necessary.

Medical Knowledge

If your yogi also has some basic knowledge of medical science, then that’s a bonus and can come out very handy. Yogis with a medical background can combine their yoga skills with medical knowledge to give you the best results.

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Matt Giordano, TheYogiMatt, is a world renowned yoga teacher, and the creator & founder of the global school called Chromatic Yoga.  He is most known for his skillful ability to guide students into postures to awaken their full potential. Matt provides top level teacher trainings in both the 200 and 300 Hour formats.  Visit to learn more about online classes, immersions and teacher trainings.

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