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Walking on the streets of some of my favorite European cities, I took note of how tired my muscles of my feet and lower legs were. I consider myself to be a rather in shape human being but during

In my early years of practicing I tore my left hamstring twice. I was a broke yoga teacher so I had to learn to heal my own injuries through research and not so conventional methods. After the second tear I realized that  I must be missing something in my practice

Pigeon Pose is one of the most widely loved postures in the yoga practice across a multitude of styles. Fortunately its for a good reason, however the issue I see is that most of the time this posture comes with little guidance as to how to activate your muscles and

It is one thing to watch a video and understand the actions visually and another to integrate them into your body and become masterful with them. I have designed a 3 step process to develop "Muscle Intelligence" or the awareness of how to create specific actions in your body. These

Chaturanga is one of the most repeated poses in the modern yoga practice, and it happens to be one of the most challenging on the shoulders. It is highly beneficial to take a look at the mechanics of the posture. I have been studying this posture for over a decade,

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