Chromatic Yoga Training Level 2

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Chromatic Yoga Training: Level 2

This 5 Day Level 2 training is designed for Chromatic Level 1 Graduates looking to further refine and expand their skillsets as yogi and teacher. This training will build upon the skills learned in level 1: anatomy, sequencing, verbal delivery, teaching with the elements, adjustments, and advancing personal practice. Level 2 students will be given more practice teaching opportunities to develop this skills. In addition this training will focus on helping you as a teacher develop to skills for your students to make break throughs in their practice. We will learn to weave the elements throughout all aspects of our teaching in order to make a deeper positive impact on our students practices and lives off the mat.

In the Level One Teacher Training You will Learn The Following:

  1. Chromatic Anatomy – Practice weaving “Fundamental” and “Balancing Actions” throughout a series of postures
  2. Co-Develop Sequences with fellow Chromatic Yogis emphasizing “Peak Actions”
  3. The Elements of Voice Part II: Practice intentional delivery for different parts of a class.
  4. Adjustment: Using the elements to deliver empowering and transformative adjustments.
  5. Advancing Your Personal Practice: Going beyond the basics and into more challenging postures though use of “Funamental Actions” and “Balancing Actions” to assist in either Facilitated Stretching or Reciprocal Inhibition.
  6. Injury Rehabilitation: We will pick out specific injuries to study together as a group and develop rehabilitation plans.
  7. Theming: How to use the elements as a basis for theming a class/workshop/training
  8. Building your personal brand or business within the Chromatic Yoga Community


2018 Level 1 Dates: August 11-15

Arrival Date: any time after 4pm on August 10th – Departure Date: August 15 after 6pm

Note: If you are flying in please pick a late departure on the 10th or one on the 11th)

Training Fee: For the Training Itself – excluding rooming

  1. Early Bird – Before March 15: $595
  2. Normal Price: $695 or $100/month for 7 Months

Accommodations Options and Pricing:

Limited Space, First come first serve. You will have the choice at check out as to whether or not you would like to be assigned a room. Room locations will either be at my home in Goshen CT, or at my manager Sara’s home in Bantam CT.

  1. Private Room w/Bed $375
  2. Cash Discount: Private Room w/Bed $300 (to be payed in person)

Air BNB Option:

If you prefer you may simply choose just to pay for the training and find your own accommodations via Air B&B or a local bed and breakfast or hotel.

Connecticut Locations for your research: Goshen, Cornwall, Bantam, Litchfield, Torrington, Morris.

Discount Options:

  1. Partner Perk: If you come with a friend or partner and plan to share a room your room costs will be discounted upon request only
  2. Economic Choice: If you want to save money by sleeping in a room with an air mattress or pull out couch you will receive a discount upon request.
  3. Camping: If you are a pro camper and want to be in the wilderness you will have the option to set up on the farm for a discounted price upon request.


There will be a 6-8 week Pre Training consisting of educational videos that I will send weekly via email. Each student will be expected to watch these videos and participate in short worksheets to build our collective knowledge. This gives us all an advantage of getting on the same page prior to coming together as a group.

Level 2 Teachers who are Yoga Alliance 500ERYT and have completed a mentorship with Matt Giordano will have the opportunity to create 5 Day immersions with Matt under the Chromatic School of Yoga.


Additional information

Chromatic Yoga Leve 2

Level 2 Training, Level 2 Room, Level 2 Room (Cash Discount – Pay @ Training)


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