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Leaderships skills as a yoga teacher can be quite challenging. No one ever teaches you how to be a leader, and yet the pressure is put upon us from our students that look up to us. Leadership requires courage to walk the path first, the vulnerability to admit what you do not know, and the resourcefulness to go find attain the knowledge and wisdom needed to support your students at the highest level. Being in the roll of Leader as a Yoga Teacher is often not something any of us choose, but none the less that’s who we are. This course has your back! Here you will learn how to align the passion that drives you to share yoga with a business structure that supports it. I will help you with everything from mapping out your vision, to coaching skills, business development, marketing and branding and so much more. Whether you are looking to build out your retreat business, teacher trainings, online courses, membership site, workshop offerings, yoga studio or any other number of ways to share this practice, this course will help you refine your vision, and take action to bring it to life.


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